One more day

So tomorrow is the last day before I leave for Minneapolis. Luckily for me, my astute Debate Coach at LSUS gave me some books to keep me occupied during my Dallas layover. So here’s a peek into by carry on bag:

Treason by Anne Coulter
Politics and Communication
How to Win A Local Election

I was going to be reading the Lincoln Douglas Debates as a prelude to our Debate Team putting on an exposition in honor of the 15oth anniversary of the debate. I’m in charge of editing the nearly 4 hour debate into a 40 minute teaser for students, and about an hour and a half for a full on program at LSUS in November. We are also putting on a mock Presidential Debate, which I am in charge of putting together, shortly before Election Day.
Currently I’m awaiting the Lord Messiah Barrack Obama to give his speech at the Democratic Convention.
I was thinking of who McCain should pick as his VP, and I am thoroughly convinced that the best choice is Kay Bailey Hutchison. Not only is she a woman, but she is the first woman to ever be elected to the Senate. She was first elected in 1993, and has years more experience than the top two Democratic contenders. She has experience with military affairs serving as the Ranking Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and as a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense.
The senator worked to secure funding for an additional 1,500 Border Patrol agents to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws. In 2004, she helped pass the National Intelligence Reform Act, which included provisions she authored to ensure greater screening of air cargo. That legislation instructs the Transportation Security Administration to establish a database of known shippers, develop facility security plans, and mandate use of worker identification cards.
During her term as Chairman of the Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Aviation, she played a major role in drafting the airline security bill passed by Congress after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Senator Hutchison has consistently championed tax relief for working families. In recent years, she has led the fight to provide relief from the marriage income tax penalty and to reestablish the deduction for state and local sales taxes for Texans. Senator Hutchison has worked to reduce marginal income tax rates, eliminate the death tax, and lower taxes on capital gains.
Early in her Senate career, she was lead sponsor of a bill to create the new Homemaker IRA. It allows spouses who do not work outside the home to save for retirement through an IRA.
January 2005 to December 2007, Senator Hutchison served as Chairman, then Ranking Member, of the Science and Space Subcommittee of the Commerce Committee, overseeing NASA and the National Science Foundation. In December of 2005, the president signed into law the Senator’s five-year blueprint for NASA’s exploration and research initiatives.
In December of 2007, Senator Hutchison became Ranking Member of the Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security Subcommittee, having led efforts in 2006 to repeal the anti-competitive Wright Amendment, which limited flights out of Dallas Love Field Airport. Originally intended to encourage growth at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the harmful provision artificially inflated air fares at both airports. At the Senator’s encouragement, airlines and airport owners reached an historic agreement — now enacted into law — that will remove unfair barriers and restrictions at Love Field.
Senator Hutchison became the Ranking Member on the Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation in July of 2008.
all in all, if Obama is qualified to be President, or Hillary is for that matter, then Senator Hutchinson should have run too! She is my pick!!!


Republican National Convention 2008

Republican National Convention 2008 – September 1-4, 2008

This is a link to the list of speakers for the convention. Other than of course John McCain, and our very own Bobby Jindal, the speaker I am the most excited to here is Arnold Schwarzenegger! That’s right, the Governator himself. Ha ha ha! But no really, I’m excited to hear of of them speak, with the slight exception of Guliani and Lieberman.
I leave this Saturday, and I’m getting pretty pumped…
But I’m in school now, and class is about to start, so I gotta run!


So I just spent nearly 300 bucks on books for school, which actually isn’t that bad. But it sounds awful, especially when I think about the fact that I’m spending a tremendous amount of money to attend the Convention next week. I leave on Saturday, and I am excited to go, but not so excited about the 5 hour layover I have at the Dallas airport on the way there. I guess I’ll have to bring a huge book with me. Ugh… I have a headache from spending all that money on textbooks… I’d love some clothes, or fun books, or most importantly… A NEW PHONE! I have a refurbished Blackberry, but it has no Internet, and my dog chewed up the bottom of it, and now the Sim card is going crazy and keeps deleting my text messages. I want a Palm Centro really badly!!!! It’s killing me… I thought my parents were getting it for me for my birthday, but they gave me my present early- new luggage for the Convention. So now I am without hope… It’s very sad… I can’t even think about politics right now… I am too depressed… farewell…

New Look

It took awhile because I’m not very good at this kind of thing, but I updated the look of this blog!! Yay me!! I must say that I’m very impressed with my title picture, I took that while I was in D.C. and I never really noticed how perfect it was! FOX is claiming that Biden is Obama’s VP, and I can only say I hope so. All of the things Biden has said against Obama can only help the Republicans. Biden actually said in 2005 that he would be honored to run on the same ticket… as MCCAIN!!! Ha ha ha, I love it! But alas, my phone has yet to receive the test message I signed up for (I hate not knowing things as soon as they happen). Well, I’m off to bed- check back in tomorrow for more news.

Things might get a little crazy, because school starts on Monday. 19 hours, plus College Republicans, Debate, Campus Conservatives, Student Government Association, and History Club. Why do I do so much?!!

Gorman For Congress

OK, so I am getting really annoyed by all of the rumors about Chris Gorman paying people to blog for him. It is soo ridiculous to assume that just because someone supports him that he must be paying them! Why are we not allowed to voice our opinions on our personal blogs? It makes no sense that only Fleming, Carmouche, Thompson, and the others are allowed to have people blog for them, but Gorman is not? Maybe Gorman supporters are just more vocal, like me. And maybe they think a blog is a good way to reach people, like me. And maybe just maybe, they are politically aware enough to want to write about politics on that blog, like me.
To be honest, accusing Gorman of paying people to blog rings of desperation for his opponents. Is that the best you can do? Personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issues? Telling people that he is buying votes? Why don’t you talk about what really matters in this race- TAXES, NATIONAL DEFENSE, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, FEDERAL SPENDING, ENERGY POLICY!!! Not the fact that Gorman has more bloggers than you- honestly stop whining and get over it!


Okay, so I got an E-Mail today from a producer at Fox News, and they want me to do a video diary at the Convention! That is going to be so awesome, now I’ll have a way to show my friends and family back home whats going on! Plus I will be able to look back on my memories for as long as I want.
Things have been crazy lately… I took summer classes so that I can graduate a year early, and I’m starting to plan my wedding, and fall semester is about to start… That’s going to add alot of other things into the mix. I’m going to be heading a new Student organization, Campus Conservatives, as well as being a big part of the College Republicans, and our Student Government Association. And on top of all of that, I am a member of our school’s nationally ranked debate team! That’s alot of stuff to do, and that isn’t even including my 19 hours of class!!
Yikes! Anyways I forgot to start supper, so I better get to it! As a reminder to myself, my next post will be about Obama and War, and the difference between John McCain & John Edwards.

Back Again

Okay, so I’m giving it a second try with the whole blog thing. I think its a good idea to get my ideas out there, even if right now no one really knows who I am. Besides I’ll have alot to write about in a few weeks, when I attend the Republican National Convention as an Alternate Delegate for Louisiana! I’m really excited about it, and can’t wait to leave for Minneapolis. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience.
Come to think about it though- I’ve had alot of those lately. After all I was barely 18 when I ran to be a Delegate to the Republican State Convention for Louisiana, and I honestly didn’t expect to get it.. I mean I couldn’t even win a student council election in high school- the cheerleaders always beat me. But I won, and beat out some prominent local figures, I just couldn’t believe it!
I went to the State Convention, and met one of Louisiana’s Senators, David Vitter. I applied for an internship in his Washington, D.C. office, and got that too. So this summer I spent three weeks working in D.C.! It was beyond amazing, and my favorite part was giving tours of the U.S. Capitol Building. Its full of soo much history, and its crazy to imagine some of our country’s most important leaders walking the same halls!
Also while I was in D.C., I got to attend the Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington. And let me tell you, there is nothing more stirring to the American heart than hearing Taps played in front of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I remember my first trip to Washington with my school junior year, and hearing it for the first time- I am also not ashamed to say that I remember crying.
My brother is in the Air Force, and has been to Iraq a few times, and is soon going back- but he tells me that if people went over there and saw what we are doing to help these people, and how thankful they are, then they would understand that we can’t leave. I definitely trust his word as a first person observer more than second hand reports in the liberal drive-by media (yes, I am a Limbaugh fan! I love it when he calls Obama “The Messiah” it kills me!!!).
Okay well, my dogs are howling to be let out- so I better go before they combust– but its good to be back!