Gorman For Congress

OK, so I am getting really annoyed by all of the rumors about Chris Gorman paying people to blog for him. It is soo ridiculous to assume that just because someone supports him that he must be paying them! Why are we not allowed to voice our opinions on our personal blogs? It makes no sense that only Fleming, Carmouche, Thompson, and the others are allowed to have people blog for them, but Gorman is not? Maybe Gorman supporters are just more vocal, like me. And maybe they think a blog is a good way to reach people, like me. And maybe just maybe, they are politically aware enough to want to write about politics on that blog, like me.
To be honest, accusing Gorman of paying people to blog rings of desperation for his opponents. Is that the best you can do? Personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issues? Telling people that he is buying votes? Why don’t you talk about what really matters in this race- TAXES, NATIONAL DEFENSE, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, FEDERAL SPENDING, ENERGY POLICY!!! Not the fact that Gorman has more bloggers than you- honestly stop whining and get over it!

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