New Look

It took awhile because I’m not very good at this kind of thing, but I updated the look of this blog!! Yay me!! I must say that I’m very impressed with my title picture, I took that while I was in D.C. and I never really noticed how perfect it was! FOX is claiming that Biden is Obama’s VP, and I can only say I hope so. All of the things Biden has said against Obama can only help the Republicans. Biden actually said in 2005 that he would be honored to run on the same ticket… as MCCAIN!!! Ha ha ha, I love it! But alas, my phone has yet to receive the test message I signed up for (I hate not knowing things as soon as they happen). Well, I’m off to bed- check back in tomorrow for more news.

Things might get a little crazy, because school starts on Monday. 19 hours, plus College Republicans, Debate, Campus Conservatives, Student Government Association, and History Club. Why do I do so much?!!

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