So I just spent nearly 300 bucks on books for school, which actually isn’t that bad. But it sounds awful, especially when I think about the fact that I’m spending a tremendous amount of money to attend the Convention next week. I leave on Saturday, and I am excited to go, but not so excited about the 5 hour layover I have at the Dallas airport on the way there. I guess I’ll have to bring a huge book with me. Ugh… I have a headache from spending all that money on textbooks… I’d love some clothes, or fun books, or most importantly… A NEW PHONE! I have a refurbished Blackberry, but it has no Internet, and my dog chewed up the bottom of it, and now the Sim card is going crazy and keeps deleting my text messages. I want a Palm Centro really badly!!!! It’s killing me… I thought my parents were getting it for me for my birthday, but they gave me my present early- new luggage for the Convention. So now I am without hope… It’s very sad… I can’t even think about politics right now… I am too depressed… farewell…

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