Palin Power!!!

Wow!!! Sarah Palin is my new hero! And I’m not the only one… the majority of the Louisiana Delegation has even voiced their support for her to run for President before Bobby Jindal! And we LOVE Bobby!
Her speech was amazing, but beyond just that, so is her record! Her dedication to eliminating wasteful government spending (she declined a personal chef for her family, and put the Governor’s luxury jet up for sale on E-bay!), her executive EXPERIENCE (something Obama has NONE of!), and her day to day walk displaying the values she holds dear (such as choosing to keep her special needs child, and dealing with family issues such as her daughter’s unexpected pregnancy)- have endeared her to Republicans who, only a week ago, knew little to nothing about her.
But she has won us over- and in a big way. Sitting on the floor watching her give her speech tonight rivals and beats any other experience I have ever had. And not because she’s a woman, but because- FINALLY- she’s THE RIGHT WOMAN!
A woman President or Vice President for the sake of having a woman President is not what we wanted. I would rather NO woman ever be President than to have Hillary Clinton be the one who ruins it for us all.
All I can say about tonight is that I am blown away, and unbelievably proud to have been part of the momentous occasion is the history of the United States!

One thought on “Palin Power!!!

  1. Hey Deanna,

    Just curious why you said Palin being nominated for the VP is “a momentous occasion is the history of the United States.”

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