I Have A Dream…

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the
content of their character

It seems to me that this much quoted phrase has been flipped on its head by Barrack Obama and his many supporters. Let me be understood- many people are voting for him, not because they agree with his policies and positions, but rather because they want a black man to be President. This is racist- just as racist as not voting for someone because of the color of his skin. Martin Luther King’s dream has to go both ways, and in this instance, I must say that does not.
The same thing comes to mind with Hillary Clinton- a lot of women voted for her simply because she is a woman- but that too is wrong. It is sexist… they would have a fit if a man said they would not vote for her because she was a woman, yet they use the same sexist reasoning when casting their ballot.
I am a woman… yet I do not feel that society owes me any debt because women in the past were not allowed to vote, own property, or hold a job. In fact, a much ignored fact is that African American men were allowed to vote before women. But the point is not that it happened along time ago. The point is that it is not happening now- yet so many people still dwell on it.
Whether you are a woman or an African American… practice what you preach. Don’t be racist, or sexist. And if the argument for equal rights is that we are all created equal, then stop asking for advantages over other people groups. No lower scores to get into schools, no preferential treatment when applying for a job. If we are truly equal then it is time to start acting like it.
Women of the world- if we are just as capable of doing all things as men are, then prove it! Show the world that we don’t need affirmative action to get a job, that we can work hard just like men, and do a good job just like any other person. We don’t need exclusively female scholarships, we just need to apply ourselves enough to get general scholarships. We don’t need any one’s help to succeed, we are enough on our own!
So this is my dream… that we will truly be a nation that judges EVERYONE by the content of their character, and not positively or negatively based on their gender or race. Until both sides of the race and gender arguments hold themselves to Martin Luther King’s words, we will never be truly equal.

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