"Knocked Up" a new fad?

It’s funny to see the liberal media bashing Bristol Palin for having a child out of wedlock, when they are obsessed with teen aged celebrities having kids. Is anyone really surprised that so many teens are getting pregnant? It almost seems like the “cool” thing to do right now. Kind of a “You can be like a Hollywood star! Just get pregnant… there’s no reason to get married too.” I mean just look at the list of stars who have gotten pregnant lately… Halle Berry, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson (although she did marry him afterwards), Nicole Richie (did they get married?), Angelina Jolie has 3 kids without marriage! And the list goes on… Minnie Driver, Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend, David Spade’s “fling”, Tom Brady’s Ex, Jason Lee (My Name is Earl)’s girlfriend.
Seriously… with people like that to look up to, is it any wonder that we’re hearing about things like pregnancy pacts? I’m not saying the Bristol Palin is not responsible for her mistakes, but the media should not be surprised that teen aged girls are getting pregnant so often, when part of it has to do with them spending so much time giving pregnant celebrities coverage.
Bristol is just like any other teenager, in fact she’s just like me- we all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect 100% of the time. Only unlike me, she is in the spotlight right now because of her mother being a politician. Not every teenager makes the mistake of getting pregnant, some like me make smaller mistakes, like the occasional lie to my mother, or skipping classes, or smoking cigarettes (I don’t smoke this is just an example), but the point is that no body’s perfect.

Let he who is perfect cast the first stone!

What? No stones from the liberal media? Somehow I’m not surprised…

It just kinda hit me that two of last year’s biggest movies were about this topic- “Knocked Up” and “Juno”… Hollywood is practically telling kids to get preggers

One thought on “"Knocked Up" a new fad?

  1. I disagree with the notion that it is the presence of pregnant celebrities that is creating the increase of teen pregnancy. Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful thing. Why aren’t we glad that pregnancy is being celebrated as a wonderful, integral part of life? Until there is a statistical correlation between celebrity pregnancy and teen pregnancy, I’m not sure teens are getting pregnant because it’s become “fashionable”. However, I would say it may contribute to the idea that teen moms are facing little to no consequences once they’ve already become pregnant.
    As for why so many young women (teenagers specifically) are experiencing pregnancy so early in their lives, it seems to me that the absence of concrete, informative education pertaining to sexual health and the prevention of pregnancy is a large contributor, as recent history suggests that there is no way to stop teens from having sex of their own accord. Abstinence as an “only option” is simply not enough to cover the bases to prevent teen pregnancy. It’s not a matter of what is right, it’s simply a matter of realism.
    Coming from an area where the teen pregnancy rate is quite low, where schools implement an in-depth sexual education curriculum, to Louisiana where the teen pregnancy rate is less to do with faceless statistics simply because you’re likely to meet several teen moms in each of your classes, it seems that logically speaking the cause of teen pregnancy is greatly attributed to the environment in which they live, education and resources available to teens.
    In the film “Juno”, the protagonist does handle her pregnancy with a questionably unrealistic sense of carelessness, however I wouldn’t say the pregnancy she portrays is the kind a young girl would want to experience, considering her only goal through her pregnancy is to prevent it from getting in the way of her everyday life. Upon watching that movie, I admit I felt admiration for Ellen Page, but I would have never wanted to swap places with her!
    I noticed a great deal of the celebrities you listed are unmarried, but also considerably older than mere teenagers. Several of them (Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie..) are mature women who have the means to support themselves and their children. This seems to suggest that women should not bear children alone, or at least not while in the public eye. Is it a matter of being pregnant in public, or a matter of being pregnant and unmarried?
    Marriage, for that matter, is not exactly an ideal standard for what constitutes a proper, complete family. Pregnancies happen, sometimes between people who just should not be married to eachother. Marriage, as I’m sure you can attest, is best left to people who are compatible to live together and in love. Certainly as much as one could argue that people shouldn’t have gotten into a situation of pregnancy without those factors in place to begin with, one must also keep in mind that the world around us dictates the unfortunate reality. Forcing a family together in an unwilling and ultimately miserable arrangement just doesn’t seem to benefit anyone…even the baby.
    I suppose, though, anyone could sit around and point fingers around what and who is responsible for a phenomenon like teen pregnancy, but ultimately (and I won’t get any messier than this), chances are it’s about communication. I’m confident that the factors that prevented me from having a child (I would like to get pregnant after I get married, in fact) had to do with my parents talking to me about the truth about sex, the truth about pregnancy and having real education about the consequences of both. Perhaps if that were the norm, we could finally start to bring pregnancy out of the dark ages and display it as one of the finer points of being a woman.

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