Country First

Once again John McCain has chosen service to his country over political expediency. By suspending his campaign, and heading back to Washington, McCain has shown that he cares more about doing what is right for our country, than he does about being popular. Obama on the other hand seems to think that campaigning is more important than the current financial crisis. He says that Presidents have to multitask, and that John McCain must not be able to since he’s going to Washington, and asking that the first debate be postponed until after the crisis has been taken care of.
Do we want a President that is going to worry more about boosting his own popularity, or one who is willing to sacrifice public appearances, rallies, and fundraisers, in order to make sure that you and I have financial stability?
After all both of these men are Senators- isn’t it their job to be in Washington representing the people who elected them, especially now when our nation is in turmoil? Obama is shirking his responsibility to his constituents in order to seek higher office, do we really want someone who is more concerned with career advancement than with the people who put their trust in him, and our counting on him to keep them prosperous, safe, and free?
John McCain has a history of putting country first, while Barrack Obama has a history- well of doing nothing.

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