Media Bias

According to the Pew Research Center, journalists are more than twice as likely to lean to the left than the average American citizen. And even those who consider them selves “moderates” are more likely to agree with more liberal social ideas. One example was that journalists were considerably more willing to say that society should accept homosexuality than the average citizen was.
Another study has 48% of respondents saying that they have heard too much about Obama, while only 26% say they have heard too much about John McCain, and 38% say they want to hear more about the Republican Candidate. Also, when asked which presidential candidate they have heard the most about in the news over the last week or so, 76% of the public names Barack Obama while just one-in-ten (11%) recalls John McCain. As many Republicans (76%) as Democrats (80%) cite Obama as the candidate they have heard most about in the news recently.
The same study shows that stories about Democratic candidates accounted for nearly 70% of the total news during the study’s time frame, while less than 20 % of the stories were about the GOP candidates. Individually among the candidates, Obama led with about 70%, Clinton was second with close to 60%,and John McCain in last with a little under 30%.
But despite Obama’s media exposure, many Americans still do not have a clear understanding of where he stands on the issues. Public awareness of Obama’s policy positions has increased modestly over the past month. Still, fewer than half (48%) know a lot or a fair amount about his foreign policy positions, while 51% say they know just some or very little. Somewhat more people (56%) know at least a fair amount about Obama’s economic positions, while 44% know just some or very little.

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