A lot has been said about the VP candidates this election cycle, though I think we can all agree that more attention has  been focused on Republican Nominee Sarah Palin. New Media outlets claim this is due to the fact that McCain is… well old. They say he has a considerably higher chance of dying in office than his opponent Senator Obama does. I think this is completely false.

Face it, McCain may have age “against” him, but Obama has race against him. Now before I say this next sentence, let me give a little declaimer: I do not in any way, shape, or form, encourage actions to be taken against Obama, but I feel that it is inevitable. So now that I have stated this, I will continue! I am convinced that if Obama wins the election in November, that within the first year of his presidency, someone will at the least, attempt to assasinate him, and at the most, they will succeed.

I do not like the idea of racism, and I readily admit that there are some who are more negative and violent about it than others. I do however think that some people (cough, cough, Obama) have tried to use this to their advantage to get better treatment. After all when you insult a white person, you only have to worry about him getting offended, but when you insult a minority member, there is a chance you may be accused of insulting the entire group.

I have this feeling, that some hick from the south is going to take a shot at Obama soon after he becomes President. Not only will this have the potential to start a race war in America (after all the hick in question will most likely be white), but it will also leave us with “gaffe machine” Biden as our President by default. That to me is a much scarier thought than Governor Palin being President. Not only does he lack tact and common sense, not to mention that Sarah Palin got more votes as Governor of Alaska than Biden did in his Presidential campaign, but he is obviously a flip flopper who bends in order to capitalize on political expediency!

We all heard the soundbites of Biden saying the Obama was not ready to lead, and that he himself was not the best choice for VP. He even went so far as to say that he would not be VP under any circumstances. Yet here he stands: VP for Barrack Obama, a man he vehemently opposed becoming President only months ago. Why the sudden change? Why does he all of a sudden think Obama IS ready to lead? Quick Answer: HE DOESN’T!!! He is obviously playing the “yes man” so he can tag along with Obama to the White House. If he truly believed Obama was not the right man for the job, then he should not be supporting him now that he can get something out of the bargain! It shows you just how little Biden cares for our country- that he would support a man he does not believe would be good for our country, just so he can have the power and prestige that goes along with being the VP.

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