Dear God,

Hey God, it’s me Deanna… so tomorrow is election day, and I’m nervous about the out come. I’m trying very hard to leave this in your hands, but I can’t help but wonder what will happen.

I just wanted to pray for everything to go the way it needs to for your ultimate purposes… I know who I am voting for, but only you can control what will happen to America over the next four years.

Please God, let your followers remember your word tomorrow when they vote, and that they would vote in accordance with your laws and teachings. I pray that they will not be swayed by lies, persuasive appeals, or any other means from the Truth of the gospel. Let them not vote based on anything other than your words.

Whoever wins tomorrow, I will follow your word, and pray for them, that you alone will direct their ways, and the way of our nation. I know I will be unhappy if the candidate I support loses, but I trust you to make things work out the way they need to.

Lord, comfort Obama and his family during this time of great loss and tragedy. I sincerely hope his Grandmother is with you right now, and that his family can take comfort in that thought. Help them to overcome this hardship, and rely on you alone.

Please keep our country safe, and bless all of the many candidates with your protection and love, whether they acknowledge it or not. Keep America safe, and one nation under You. Protect us all, from the richest, to the poorest; from the oldest, to those yet unborn; from me here safe at home, to our soldiers overseas.

Most of all, I ask you to humble my heart no matter what the outcome tomorrow… help me to put aside politics to better serve you, and your wishes for my country. Help me to support our leaders with prayer, and kind thoughts despite disagreements we are sure to have.

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