Wedding Bells!

So my fiancee finally called our church about getting married, setting the ball rolling for our wedding in 8 months! I am getting really excited! To me marriage is a lifelong commitment, and to illustrate that, my fiancee and I have decided to get a covenant marriage.

The covenant marriage has been around in Louisiana since 1997, and basically what it does, is eliminate the no-fault divorce. It re enforces the ides that marriage is supposed to be forever, regardless of how hard it may get down the road. The only way a couple in a covenant marriage can get a divorce is if one of them committs adultery, is abusive, or completely abandons the other for a period of more than one year. it also legally binds the couple into receiving marriage counseling both before the wedding, and afterwards in the event of marital problems.

Covenant marriage is everything that marriage was intended to be originally- a lifelong promise to love, honor, and cherish one another in good times and bad. I am looking forward to making that promise this summer in front of my family, friends, and most importantly God.

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