Sorry I’m so lazy…

So I decided to take a long break while I was out of school for the holidays. Mostly because without debate to fire me up, I was lacking material that I felt passionately about. Also because I’ve been working full time while I was able to at the school. But all that will change starting Monday! I go back to school, now officially a junior, and back to debate as well. I know there will be tons to talk about, from the Illinois scandal, to Caylee Anthony, and Norm Colman. Also the Inauguration is coming up, and Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus plan is sure to raise a few questions. But for now, I’m enjoying the last few days of my break. So tune in Monday evening or Tuesday afternoon to see what ticks me off, makes me happy, or causes me to scratch my head in confusion. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a new year, full of new posts, rants, and praises for those in the government who deserve it. Things are bound to get hectic for me, between school, debate, and planning my wedding- but I will remain the voice of young conservatives in Shreveport, in Louisiana, and in America!

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