Science is Beautiful

So I was sitting in Biology an hour ago, watching a video about cell mitosis and meiosis… and suddenly it hit me: science is beautiful! Furthermore, I truly saw the hand of God in the division of human cells.

For the first time in my life, I realized that science is not my enemy as a Christian. If anything the miracles of science prove there must be a higher being. Honestly, what are the chances of our near-perfect human bodies (perfect other than diseases) forming at random? It is only through hundreds of millions of infinitesimal, complex processes that we have come about- how could that happen without Intelligent Design?

Just thinking about the intricacies of the human body and all its systems gives me chill bumps now. The miraculous movement of my fingers moving across the keyboard fills me with wonder. Never before have I been SO undeniably sure that God exists.

Go look in the mirror, touch your face, look at your eyes, your ears, think about your immune system, digestive system, reproductive system- imagine all of those complex things that we take for granted just magically appearing one day with no outside guidance.. that seems more like a fairytale to me than the idea of a Creator. The world around us is God’s grandest miracle. I see God in the sunset, the stars, and even the rain. Our planet is so beautiful and full of life; life that could only have come from God.

2 thoughts on “Science is Beautiful

  1. The design of the human body is not perfect – it’s only what’s required to get by…

    By the way, no theory says humans formed randomly. If you’re referring to evolution, only some aspects of it are random. Incidentally, meiosis is an excellent source of random variation.

  2. Your thinking is pessimistic… its not merely what is required to get by- its EXACTLY what is required to live. And at one point (before the fall of man) our bodies were competely perfect, void of any defects or diseases.
    As for evoltuion… I suppose it depends on what type you are talking about, micro (changes within a species) or macro (change from species to species). Of course this may shock you, but I believe Darwin was completely correct in his version of evolution, that of Micro-evolution. The survival of the fittest still takes place today and is observable. The problem most people seem to have is that they believe Darwin proposed interspecies evolution, which is not true, and completely unsupported by any facts or evidence.

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