Mayor Glover wants you to pick up his bill…

The Shreveport Times is reporting that Cedric Glover is billing you and I for his trip to Washington for Obama’s Inauguration. His “official” business was attending a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (which Shreveport is not a member of), which took place over the weekend. He then decided to extend his stay (and that of his wife and entourage) for “personal reasons” yet even though he admits the rest of the stay was personal, and not on city business, he wants us to pay for it. The price tag is expected to be over $4,000 (if we ever see it, which given his propensity for failing to turn in expense reports and receipts, may never happen). This is not the first time Glover has come under fire for “allegedly” misusing tax payer dollars, previously he was censured for attending the Grammy Awards, attempting to purchase a Subruban under the radar using money from the police budget, and also for exceeding his budgeted amount in travel expenses.

KSLA broke down the Mayor’s expenses after the last controversy came about:

Glover has been on twenty trips over the past year.  For seven of those, he was accompanied by staff whose travel was paid for by the city. Rick Seaton has expensed 18 trips of his own which are not with the mayor.

The mayor has spent $29,524 on airfare. Seaton tells us the mayor has to buy two seats on a plane when flying and always flies coach. American Airline’s rules are that anyone over 350lb must purchase two seats.
The most money spent on airfare was a trip to Las Vegas. The price tag, $7,312 which also included tickets for Rick Seaton and Barry Blade who were also on the trip. 
A trip on January 23rd to Washington, DC for what was described as ‘Mardi Gras in DC’ the Mayor’s wife, Veronica Glover, had her plane ticket paid for by the city which cost $264.50. Washington says that money was immediately reimbursed.

The city has paid $16,881.25 on hotel expenses. There’s only been one phone charge which amounted to $1 and twice there were clothes laundered, both didn’t exceed $20 and both were during the two longest trips.  Room service was not often ordered.  The mayor and his staff have stayed at a variety of hotels including the Sheraton in Baton Rouge which was during Jindal’s inauguration, the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles which was during a trip to the Grammy Awards. Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and Arlena Acree were also on that trip which was when Zydeco became a category. They used the trip to promote tourism.   

The city has paid $1,041.93 in meals. In the trips the mayor has taken alone, he’s never expensed his meals. Most of the time, the mayor and his staff ate fast food. There are lots of McDonald’s and Burger King receipts. They also ate at Pizza Hut, Chili’s, TGIFriday’s, Bennigans, Tsunami’s in Baton Rouge and a barrage of other sandwich shops and fast food restaurant.
The most expensive meal, for a single person, was at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Baton Rouge.  Rick Seaton was on that trip and expensed it. It was on May 28 and a filet mignon and creamed spinach were ordered. The bill, including the tip, was: $54.78.
Two other expensive meals were when the city played host to four people who were Economic Development Consultants.  On July 27th, the four consultants accompanied by the mayor, Tom Dark, Dale Sibley and Rick Seaton all ate for a total of $368.75 (which included a $55 tip). The next day, the group went to Superior Steakhouse where the total bill was $334.87 (which includes a $66.67 tip most of which was already included in the bill.)

The city has had to reimburse the mayor $1441.53 in mileage. Rick Seaton is owed $98.58.

There have been a few trips to Walmart and Target stores.  The receipts show the Walmart’s are all in Baton Rouge and mostly snacks and fruit were bought along with a few house hold items. Seaton says they were to help buy things for the apartment the city rents in Baton Rouge when the legislature is in session.

Rick Seaton, the mayor’s assistant, has also used the card for his travel.  In all, he’s expensed $7,826.04.

Seaton has charged $2,362 for plane tickets, $1,314.38 in hotel stays, and $571.46 for food. There were also expenses for other things. Ten of Seaton’s 18 trips were to Baton Rouge while the legislature was in session.  The other times 8 were all in state trips. Only five of his 18 trips required a hotel stay none included airfare.

All together $65,577.10 has been charged to the credit card the mayor uses for travel.

Overall, Glover has failed to live up to the duties of his office, and I for one am very disappointed by this latest development. Luckily for Shreveport, the next Mayoral election is in 2010, and we can get rid of this pretender who treats us like his own personal piggy bank.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Glover wants you to pick up his bill…

  1. Well, I had seen this info on my daily “google news” feed and it’s interesting the take some of the folks on the Shreveport Times website had on this issue. The crazies posting to that paper were out in force on both sides.

    Frankly, I am fine with the fact that he was in town for the Mayoral conference, since he’s apparently planning to renew Shreveport’s membership in that and it’s something that sounds like a good idea– to be active in mayoral networks could be a good thing. However, I think that the extension of time to stay for the Inaugrual events should be paid for out of his own pocket.

    Where did you find the info on expenses? It sounds rather favorable towards the mayor– was it off of one of an official blog or something? (Cite your sources…. la la la la… teacher comment). 🙂

  2. I thought I had cited the expense report lol, its from KSLA, who looked at the public records released by Glover after the last dust up over travel expenses.

  3. Was this in one year or all four years Deanna?

    I’m honestly not terribly disappointed with the travel expenses. Nothing extravagant, I would have been a lot more upset of they were eating thousand dollars meals and staying in hotel suites like they were rock stars, it seems most of these expenses would be acceptable for any sitting mayor to me. Besides the two plane tickets each trip I would not expect any mayors budget to be a whole lot different.

    Good info, nice post as always

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