Abortion in America

As a RepublicanI have been consistently against abortion, but lately I’ve come to the realization that making abortion illegal will not fix the problem. Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of American women. We should not have to chose between our children and our careers or education. The solution I have arrived at is that we need to make abortion unnecessary.

My approach to this is two-fold. First, we must lend more support to women struggling to raise children while working or going to school. We cannot let women feel that they can only have one of these options. Examples of support are instituting daycare centers at public Universities, and laws requiring businesses to allow sufficient maternity leave for working women.

The second thing that must be accomplished, is a reform of the foster care system. As a former foster child, I am well aware of the possibility of success that can result from this system, but I am aware of the failures within it as well. Among the many things that must be changed regarding the foster care system, is more accountability for foster parents regarding the way they spend the money they are given to ensure the well being of the children. There should also be better screening of potential foster parents to weed out persons who mistreat and abuse children. Among the most important things that need to be changed, is the treatment of children who become adults while in the foster care system- these children are basically told “good luck” and turned out into the streets, there is no help given to them. We need to have a program to assist these children in becoming responsible for themselves. My suggestion would be a system of half-way houses to transition them into self-reliance, as well as lessons and information on money management, and possibly even helping them find jobs and affordable housing. Also these children deserve the opportunity to go to college, there should be some sort of scholarship program specifically for this purpose. Finally, adopted children should have access to a family medical history. This is something I have worried about personally. I am getting married soon, and my greatest wish is that someday soon I might become a mother. But I worry about family history that may make this difficult or even inadvisable. I want to know if there is something I should be prepared for when that time comes. Also, with all the news about breast cancer, it would be nice to know if I am at risk due to family history. Preventative measures could then be taken. The same goes for things like heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases.

I feel that if steps are taken to improve the quality of life for single moms that they will not feel it necessary to abort their children, and that with significant reforms to the foster care system, the arguments about children being abused or “slipping through the cracks” will fall. This is a problem that needs to fixed in order to stop the abortion holocaust our nation is currently suffering through, and I have full faith that these changes are possible. If we can make abortion unnecessary, thousands of innocent lives will be saved, and thousands of opportunities to make our nation a better place will be come available.

Gift from God

Gift from God


3 thoughts on “Abortion in America

  1. Your proposal for social reform is interesting. I celebrate your new enthusiasm to focus on the social situation and changes that would encourage people to consider the alternative to abortion. I really do. As you have begun to realize, the problem is not choice. Choice was never a problem in itself.

  2. The problem is that women feel like the choice is neccessary.
    “Sweeter even than
    to have had the
    joy of caring for
    children of my
    own has it been to
    me to help bring
    about a better
    state of things for
    mothers generally,
    so their unborn
    little ones could
    not be willed away
    from them.”
    Susan B. Anthony

  3. One of the things that can help, too, is to make it more obvious that *adoption is actually a choice, too!* And support unplanned pregnant mothers who feel they need to make that choice. So many women say “I could never do that” but they don’t really know. And if they were well supported, and given both moral & financial help through the relatively small time it would be an issue, then we wouldn’t have such a problem with people who desperately want children not having any available.

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