“PORK” Bill Goes Local

Well, well, well.. the vultures are out in full force, ready to snap up money from the “Stimulus Bill.” Want to know whats on the list of so-called shovel ready jobs that are going to revamp our struggling economy?

Las Vegas, Nevada: $2 million for neon lights

Boyton Beach, Florida: $4.5 million for an “eco” park, fully equipped with a butterfly garden and gopher tortises

Chilla Vista, California: $500,000 for a no leash pet zone

Lincoln, Nebraska: $3 million for an eco friendly clubhouse for a municiple golf course

San Bernadino, California: $1.1 million for a skateboard ramp and “splash park instilations”

Austin, Texas: $886,000 for a frisbee golf course

Virginia Beach, Virginia: $1.8 million for tennis courts; $3.75 million for “urban tree canopy protection” whatever that means…

And for the BIG FINALE…

Shreveport, Louisiana: $6 million for police equipped harley davidsons and water parks









2 thoughts on ““PORK” Bill Goes Local

  1. Oh we actually got the money? Wow. Good job Cedric…

    They could have at least given us some money to replace the lights on the Texas St. bridge while they were at it.

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