A Vision For Shreveport

I’ve been thinking lately about what Shreveport needs to make it a better place. As I get ready to graduate college, I can’t help but notice that most of my friends and classmates are planning on leaving Shreveport as soon as they can. I don’t want to leave, although I realize Shreveport has less to offer than other places. Just last night my fiancee mentioned the idea of moving to Dallas one day… I was shocked. For me, making Shreveport a place people want to stay and raise a family is important, so I began to wonder what that would take…

Obviously, Shreveport is not geared towards families- the majority of our entertainment options are bars and casinos. We need to get back to family values and promote companies that provide family atmospheres. More places for teens to go on the weekends and not get into trouble are also important. All through high school my friends and I complained that there was nothing for us to do other than go to the movies. The Boardwalk helped… but that isn’t even IN Shreveport!

We need better shopping, why should we drive 3 hours to Dallas to go to Macy’s? Can’t we just get a decent mall? And the riverfront is an adults only area on our side, we need family friendly businesses- shops, restaurants, museums, etc… Economic development is very important, for too long Shreveport has relied on casinos and bars to drive our economy.

I would also like to see Shreveport take advantage of the Stimulus Plan in a more effective way that proposed by Cedric Glover, to revitalize downtown and return it to glory. We should also use the green building incentives to reduce our carbon footprint.

With the economy the way it is, now is the perfect time to recreate Shreveport into a Family Paradise instead of (as a coffee cup at a local gas station so eloquently put it) a Gambler’s Paradise….


2 thoughts on “A Vision For Shreveport

  1. I at one time wanted to leave as well, but then come back later. Now, I don’t want to leave at all. Last year, I realized that Shreveport could turn into something awesome if the people here would just utilize opportunity right. The movie industry is not being exploited to the full extent it could be. LSUS and BPCC really need to work together to train locals up to be fantastic set and post-production workers. Opportunity it here. It’s just a matter of taking a hold of and using it.

    As Cedric always says, “Shreveport is the next great city of the South.” I don’t always (never) agree with Cedric of a lot of things, but this I can.

  2. I agree with the words, but I don’t believe he’s done anything during his term to make this true. Shreveport needs people full of vision to take us to the next level, people who see the potential of what we could be if enough of us are willing to work hard.
    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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