Ok, so I got invited to a group on facebook, calling for prosecutions of the Bush administration over the “torture” of terrorists.


Sure, there’s the human rights activists who say its immoral and wrong to torture someone… but do the ends justify the means in this case? Would you rather have terrorist attacks on American soil, and millions of Americans dead right now, or have experts in interrogations do whatever it takes to protect the people of our country? We don’t consider it wrong to shoot someone during a war, and this is no different, its self-defense!

I say, if it saves even ONE American life, then it is worth it!

There’s also the argument about the Geneva Convention, which outlaws torture. Some people are saying that Bush should be tried for war crimes… only this isn’t a war between countries, which is what the Geneva Convention is about. There is no protection in that treaty for terrorists. It only protects militants who are serving in their country’s armed forces, not every extremist with a gun. So these people are not protected, nor should they be. They want to kill us, destroy our nation, and our way of life. When they capture an American (even one that isn’t in the military) they don’t just torture them, they decapitate them and pt the videos online


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