Why kick a dead dog?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on my way to take my Biology final (eww), and he made a very interesting point about the Democrats. They keep saying that they are in control now, and that the Republican party is dead and destroyed, yet they spend the majority of their time waffling on and on about us! They are constantly attacking conservatives who are in a position to influence the people of America, from Sarah Palin, to Bobby Jindal! They try to recast the Tea Parties as wacko redneck extremists, and undermine our veteransby accusing them of being “dangerous” to our nation. So if Republicans and Conservatives are dead, and no one believes in their principles, why are they paying soo much attention to us?


Obviously the Tea Parties showed Democrats and Liberals that we will no longer be silent, and that we are fed up with their wasteful spending and radical agendas! But the Tea Parties also did something else…


By standing up and giving a voice to the people of America, the Republicans and Conservatives frankly scared the crap out of the Dems. By organizing a n enormous grassroots campaign against their policies, the Republicans showed Democrats that while they might have won the battle for the Presidency, we are far from giving up and letting them do whatever they want to our nation. We are fighting back, and we will continue to fight back! And they know it; they are scared to death of the Conservative movement, and instead of talking about what they want to do with America, they spend all their time trying to demonize the right side of the aisle.

This makes me smile 🙂

The Democrats know they are in for some trouble in 2010, and personally I can’t wait to give ’em some!


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