Health Care: Code Blue

President Obama took six months to choose a dog for his little girls but expects Congress to shove a 1,000-plus-page Health Care Bill down our throats in a matter of weeks.

As more information comes to light about the proposed bill, support among voters slips. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that while 44 percent of Americans strongly oppose the plan, only 26 percent strongly support it. Additionally, more than half of all Americans oppose the proposed Heath Care Bill.

One of the principal concerns of opponents is cost. President Obama asked for a $634 billion “down payment” on heath care costs, and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the Health Care Bill to cost $1.6 trillion over the next 10 years.

Who will be paying for this enormous price tag?

Just look in the mirror.

There are two options for paying for this bill. First, we ignore the cost and add $239 billion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years.

The second option is to raise taxes now in order to cover it.

Either way you and I (or our children and grandchildren) will be stuck with the cost of this bill.

The economy will also have to pay, due to the “play or pay” mandate that penalizes businesses failing to give health insurance to their employees. The current House Bill would impose an 8 percent payroll tax on these businesses, which according to the Employment Practices Institute would cost 995,000 jobs a year.

It would also cause 1.5 million full-time employees to fall to part-time status, resulting in $75 billion in lost wages annually.

A study by the Heritage Foundation also found that 10.2 million workers would face stunted wages and loss of benefits, and 5.2 million would be at risk for unemployment as employers attempt to find ways to pay for this mandate.

This is a death sentence for our already struggling economy.

Those who oppose the bill are also concerned about the supposed number of uninsured people in America. They claim that of the 48 million uninsured the bill supporters claim exist, at least 12 million are illegal aliens.

President Obama and others have said many times that the bill does not cover illegal aliens. That may not be the case.

The Congressional Research Service reveals that there is a provision in the bill dealing with illegal aliens not being able to receive coverage; however, there is no method for verification of citizenship.

On July 17, the House Ways and Means Committee struck down an amendment by Nevada Congressman Dean Heller that would have made the verification process the same for Federal Health Care as is currently required for Medicaid and Medicare.

Rationing of health care and an increase in government bureaucracy are also issues heavily debated. The New York Times recently published an article supporting the idea of rationing, stating that a $54,000 drug that would keep a cancer patient alive for an extra six months might not be worth the price.

The House bill provides for the institution of a “National Health Board” that would be responsible for determining which treatments would be cost efficient and may be covered under the public option. This is exactly what former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was referring to when she mentioned “Death Panels:” a government-run bureaucracy that will determine whether the drug that will keep you alive is “worth it.”

Another concern that is crucial to determining support for the proposal, and that has also been mentioned by many adversaries of the bill, is abortions funded by tax payers.

You may have heard Democrats questioned about this issue during town hall meetings, and their answers leave much to be desired.

Most of them have reiterated the idea that the bill does not mention abortion, as if this would mean it is not covered. But the fact of the matter is that the 14 most common medical procedures are not mentioned anywhere in the bill.

Therefore, are we expecting these procedures not to be covered?

If they were not, then the proposed bill would be pointless.

Many congressmen attempted to add amendments to the bill which would specifically prohibit the coverage of abortion, including our own congressman John Fleming, but all amendments been shot down.

Hillary Clinton said in April that the current administration would consider abortion “an important part of women’s health and reproductive health.”

Consequently, it is not difficult to determine that abortion will indeed be covered under this plan. In this manner Obama, Reid and Pelosi would have you and I pay for the more than one million abortions performed in America every year.

Cost, the insuring of illegal aliens, rationing of health care and tax-payer-funded abortions are just the tip of the iceberg that will hopefully cause concerned Americans to sink this titanic Health Care Bill.

I advise you to look at the bill yourself, and proceed with caution. (My computer froze when I attempted to download it.) Decide for yourselves whether or not it deserves support. You will at least be doing a better job than many of our representatives in Washington.

4 thoughts on “Health Care: Code Blue

  1. You’re paying for something you don’t like? That saves lives? Well I’m paying more for something that I don’t like that takes lives. Other than this post, I don’t constantly bitch and groan about it. I vote about it (not that it’ll make a difference, because defense spending is going nowhere).

    Sure, American military superiority is important, I get it and agree. No need to spend over double the next biggest spender though, when every other country spends exponentially even less than that.

    Would you want to spend more on food and medicine in your home, or a security system? What’s up with the need to be the the world’s strong-man? People won’t attack us because they “hate freedom.”

    I have a massive problem with $40,000 dollar missiles being used during target practice for the army, but hear people that support that kind of thing cry like a fussy child when less than a quarter of that amount of money goes to sustain an American’s life for a year through social programs that they don’t agree with.

    Just because people like you are constantly so damned vocal about your opinions doesn’t mean that everyone sees the world the way you do, and doesn’t make you right.

    Doesn’t make me right either, but i feel like an objective “right” is probably closer to my end than yours.

  2. Scott, ObamaCare has nothing to do with military spending. If you wanna comment, then comment on the actual post. Otherwise make your own blog to rant about military spending.

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