Be Thankful

Here in America, we live in the greatest nation in the world, yet so often we do not fully appreciate it.

While we bicker back and forth about politics, other nations are suffering under radical dictators.

We complain about our presidents, but we take for granted the right to question our government, something others die for in their countries.

We may argue about equality, but other countries still treat women like animals.

While we complain about what Rush Limbaugh has to say on his radio show, we forget that other countries do not have the opportunity to speak their minds.

Many American children each year compile lists of what they want Santa to bring them, but there are children who will never receive gifts.

We complain that our troops have been gone too long; however, others are thankful for their presence.

While we talk about the deplorable state of education, children in other countries have never attended school.

We may grumble about gas prices, but we fail to recognize how lucky we are to have cars. In some countries you would have to walk miles just to access basic needs.

While we gripe about health care costs, there are people in other countries, who will never see a doctor or take medicine.

Americans debate about spending billions of dollars, but other countries are too poor to take care of its citizens’ most basic needs.

Here in America we take our prosperity, freedoms and rights for granted everyday.

This Thanksgiving, think about what your life would be like in a country other than ours, and be thankful that you live in America, the greatest nation in the world.

4 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. If we are the greatest country, why does everyone hate us?

    If we are so great, why does everyone complain so much here?

    Why do Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas gifts annually?

    What about those widows, orphans, and widowers…do they appreciate the troops, or is that just “a necessary sacrifice for the greater good”?

    Did you know only 8% of the human population owns a vehicle and driving a minivan in the Sudan makes you royalty?

  2. 1. Jealousy, Politics 101, if you can’t beat the opposition- demonize them. There are also plenty of nations that DO like us.

    2. I think that was answered in my original post. We take our freedoms and opportunities for granted. If we ever had to live without them, I think we would stop complaining.

    3. Irrelevant, but the media has made Christmas into a commercial holiday instead of the deeply religious celebration it once was.

    4. If you talk to those widows, widowers, and orphans- they are all thankful for the troops! They were those people’s husbands, wives, mothers and fathes, why wouldn’t they be thankful for the time they had together? Maybe you meant the war? The people who have been freed from tyrrany by our troops are thankful. The women who can now hold jobs, or get an education are thankful. The thousands of people who would have joined their fellow countrymen into mass graves at the hands of Saddam- they are thankful. Whether you agree with the war or not, you have to admit that they are heros. Not only to us back home, but to the countless men, women and children whose lives they have made better overseas.

    5. That was kinda my point with the whole “we’re lucky to have cars” statement…

  3. “Anonymous”

    Look, if you have a problem with America- leave. No one is going to stop you, so go ahead and move to that country you seem to think is better than America.

    This is exactly what this post was about: people like you who refuse to acknowledge the good in our country and only want to complain. So keep complaining, you only further my point.

    Its THANKSgiving weekend, so I wanted to point out the GOOD, the AMAZING, the often OVERLOOKED about America. I AM THANKFUL for our country! I am thankful that I have freedom, liberty, and rights. I am thankful that I was born here, yes, in the GREATEST nation in the WORLD!

    I agree that there are problems in America, I write about them frequently, but for just ONE DAY can we put that aside and focus on the GOOD? That is what I choose to do.

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