Dear Senator Landrieu,

I have never been more ashamed to be a citizen of Louisiana as I am today. Why you ask? Because YOU are my representative. Today you voted to keep taxpayer funded abortions in the Senate Health Care Bill. Today you voted to enable the slaghter of innocent children- and you made me responsible for paying.

You have put the blood of innocents not only on your hands, but now on mine as well. When I go to my job, I now have to deal with the fact that my hard work will be responsible for paying the “doctor” that will rip a baby from his mother’s womb.

This year you have ignored many things:

Thousands of calls to your offices demanding a town hall in North LA.

Thousands of letters and emails beggin you to listen to the people of Louisiana by voting against Health Care.

Thousands of people protesting against your party’s socialist agenda

But Mary, how long can you ignore the 45 million tiny voices? The voices of the innocent who have been killed since Roe v. Wade? The voices crying out for justice? The voices crying out to LIVE?

Ignore my calls all you want, ignore my signs outside your office window, ignore my letters and e-mails, but DO NOT IGNORE the innocent children you so casually sentenced to death with the word “Yes”!

Your campaign for re-election will be paid for with the broken, lifeless bodies you sacrificed to make Harry Reid happy. You have sacrificed THEM for your fleeting glory, and it sickens me.

I have never supported you, and I never will- but today I am more than just angry… I am disgusted, heartbroken, grieving, and done. Done with letting people like YOU pretend to stand for real women. Let me tell you something, Senator, real women are not in support of killing innocent children; they recognize the awesome blessing of having children, they glorify in the beautiful process of preganancy, and if nothing else, they realize that their child deserves LIFE.

Today you have made every citizen of Louisiana your partner in the MURDER of innocents, I hope it was worth it…



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