TEA’d Off!

Ok… its official, I’m ticked! I just read the Shreveport Time’s sad excuse for journalism on the Red River Tea Party rally…


First of all, I was there and there were THOUSANDS of people attending. Tea Party Board Member Kim Ebey reported that the official registration numbers showed nearly 3,000 in attendance. That is considerably more that “several hundred.” This is a clear attempt to undermine the support that the Tea Party has. The red River Tea Party started out as the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party, but it grew so large and varied that they had to make it geographical area, instead of by municipal boarders.

Secondly, I take issue to the “reporter’s”  inserting the word quasi in front of grassroots. The Red River Tea Party is absolutely a grassroots organization! They are stand-alone, and run entirely off of donations from their members and supporters. I am sick of hearing this crap about FOX being in charge of the Tea Parties- THEY ARE NOT!!! Just because they have commentators who agree with the movements does not mean that somehow they are in charge, or that they came up with it, or that they have even the slightest bit of say-so!

Thirdly, attacking Mike Johnson is stupid! Mike Johnson is a passionate, intelligent attorney who know what he is talking about. Which is why the schmuck who wrote this tried to tie different parts of Mike’s speech together to make him look stupid. Yes, Mike talked about the Obama Administration and the “offenses” they have committed over the past year or so, but then he moved on to the government as a whole, specifically COURT CASES AROUND THE COUNTRY (he’s a LAWYER, come on!)… they had nothing to do with one another, and the “failure to mention” accusation falls like the ton of manure it is! Speaking of manure, I almost forgot about the “veiled reference” thing LOL. Give me a break- no one I talked to caught that at all, and none of us thought they had anything to do with one another. I agree that the birthers are wrong, and I know for a fact that Mike Johnson is not one of them. Yet more editorialized crap. 

Also, what about the other speakers? We had men and women from all walks of life: a pastor, a student, a small business owner, a large business owner, two lawyers, and an inspiring bunch of kids who sang for us. Where were their inspiring words? Where are their stories and ideas? Ignored!

I had a wonderful time at the Tea Party, and I was happy to see media there. But to see this type of garbage being fed to the people of Shreveport reminds me why I gave up on The Times in 2008.

Drew Pierson needs to be demoted or fired, but of course he won’t- The Times agrees with what he said, or they wouldn’t have let it be printed. I am disappointed in them, but at least there are places like THIS, where you can get the truth. The Times can skew things all they want, but as long as there are blogs, the truth will be found out!

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