Wooley for Mayor!

After much anticipation and speculation, Shreveport City Councilman Bryan Wooley has announced that he is running for Mayor!

I could not be more happy about this news. As a resident of Wooley’s District, and an avid watcher of local politics, I feel completely assured in telling everyone who wants to know- he is absolutely the man for the job!

Here is a brief look at his main concerns for the city:

 1. Create New Jobs, Grow the Shreveport Economy and Build a Business Friendly Reputation for the City

2. Make Our City Safer for Families and Businesses

3. Usher in an Era of Fiscal Responsibility and Reduce the City’s $800 Million Debt

4. Maximize the Opportunity of the Haynesville Shale to Guarantee the Economic Future of Shreveport for Years to Come

5. Complete Key Infrastructure Projects to Ease Traffic Burdens and Boost Commerce Expansion

6.Provide Leadership to Create an Efficient, Stable and Accountable City Government Shreveport Can Be Proud Of

More information will be found on Wooley’s campaign website: http://www.wooleyformayor.net

You can also listen to his announcement speech on Tom Pace’s Talk of the Town site: http://www.shreveport.com/shrevetalk/viewpodcast.php?id=620

Now that Wooley has announced it will be interesting to see who surfaces in the race for District D. We shall see 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wooley for Mayor!

  1. That’s going to be an interesting race. How about the rumors that Chris Gorman is considering a run, have you heard anything about that?

  2. I talked to him about it at the Tea Party, and he was very coy about it… But I have also heard his name in connection with running for Lt. Gov. State Rep, and others, so who know what Gorman has up his sleeve!

  3. I know that he is a fiscal conservative, and wants to reign in the budget, and he wants to give policemen and firemen pay raises.
    His website should be updated soon, and I would rather let him speak for himself.

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