Two unknown candidates filed to run for Mayor today, bringing the total to 6!

 The newbies are: Dana Bruhnke &  Debra Lindsey.

Already announced are: Current Mayor Cedric Glover, State Representative Ray Burrell, City Councilman Brian Wooley, Student Parker Ward, and Caddo commissioner David Cox.

I couldn’t find any information on Bruhnke, but Lindsay is with the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. neither ladies had a party listed.

This should make things more interesting…


3 thoughts on “SUPRISE FILINGS!

  1. Dana Bruhnke is a male first of all. A small business owner from Shreveport, has been in the wholesale fence business for over 30 years, has spent the last 25 or so coaching sports teams for his children and others and 3 years ago opened his own wholesale fence company. he is a fiscal conservative with a passion for cutting the deficit and helping businesses both large and small continue to grow in the area. I hope he can get into some local debates and address some issues that need to be brought up in this years mayor’s race. This could be exactly what Shreveport needs

  2. I apologize for the mistaken gender,I must have misread the SOS website. Thank you for pointingout my mistake.I look forward to hearing more about Mr. Bruhnke in the future.

  3. Deanna,

    Just ran across your blog and thought I best clarify that I no longer work for the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. After 13 years with the Chamber, I resigned in December of 2008 to work as a publicist and community outreach director for Dr. Ravish Patwardhan, a local neurosurgeon and founder of the Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network ( In the coming week, you can keep up with me and my campaign for Mayor of the City of Shreveport at

    My official announcement is below:

    I, Debra Lindsey, a native and longtime resident of Shreveport, officially announce today, my candidacy for Mayor of The City of Shreveport. A vote cast for me will be a vote for PROGRESS.

    I have the energy, the drive, and the ability to deliver tangible PROGRESS. I have a strong track record as a servant leader, a business advocate, and a caring friend to the people of Shreveport. The citizenry of Shreveport can count on me to give priority to public safety and job creation, and to be a humble steward of the city’s resources.

    As a certified marketing executive with more than 25 years of experience in economic development, fundraising, business advancement, and the hospitality industry, I am most recognized in the city of Shreveport for my efforts as the Senior Vice President of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce for more than a decade. While there, I established a reputation for successfully developing and implementing programs to promote economic growth and produce future leaders for Northwest Louisiana. Evidence of my accomplishments as an executive with the Chamber of Commerce includes numerous awards for excellence from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives for branding campaigns and membership development and the achievement of the highest level of Accreditation from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Other noted accomplishments include the development of the Northwest Louisiana Young Professional Initiative and organizing the first Haynesville Shale EXPO, which was one of the most attended and profitable expos held at the Shreveport Convention Center since its opening.

    My involvement in economic development has given me a profound understanding of the economic impact of a quality workforce. Personally, I am a strong proponent of lifelong learning and have invested in continuing my education and maintaining my certification in marketing. As the international Chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International, I have also helped others worldwide to obtain certification in the area of sales and marketing.

    I am a staunch supporter of Community Renewal International and many other local organizations dedicated to making our city a great place to live. I have been honored for many of my volunteer efforts and in 2008 was honored as the recipient of the Women Business Council’s ATHENA Award.

    I am currently employed as the Community Outreach Director of the Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network LLC. I am the proud mother of two daughters, Carly and Sara.

    Contact Info:;

    Learn more soon at
    Thank you for your support!

    Make contributions payable to Debra Lindsey Campaign and send to P O Box 777, Shreveport, LA 71162

    VOTE OCTOBER 2, 2010

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