Car Lot Corbin



Campaign Finance Reports Show Corbin Backed

By Car Lot Investor

In July of 2009, the citizens of Spring Lake fought against a used car lot being placed in front of their neighborhood. They took their pleas to the Shreveport City Council, where District D Councilman Bryan Wooley stood up for them- denying the zoning request that would have allowed the used car lot to be built.

Residents may have thought that the fight against the used car lot was over, but it has recently been discovered that Michael Corbin, who is seeking to replace Councilman Wooley, is being funded by the very person behind this car lot. Through a combination of corporations and family members, property owner James Ballangee has bankrolled nearly half of Corbin’s campaign for City Council.

Corbin’s opponent, Republican Deanna Candler, had the following to say about this revelation:

“The people of District D and especially those who live in Spring Lake Subdivision, deserve to know who is paying for Michael Corbin’s campaign. When a politician owes their election to special interests, the people that they are supposed to be serving are the ones that suffer.”

Copies of Michael Corbin’s Campaign Finance Reports have been attached to can be found here. Ballangee’s connections to the various LLCs can be checked through the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Website.

If you would like more information or to schedule an interview with Deanna Candler, please call 318.564.4452 or email us at

4 thoughts on “Car Lot Corbin

  1. OK, Deanna…are you campaigning AGAINST Michael Corbin….a fellow Republican?? Please tell me who is advising you? This is very unusual for one Republican to “go after” another Republican, after an election, as you are doing. I suggest you check with some of the local Republican leaders who have worked many campaigns before you start blasting a fellow Republican. Leave that to the Democrats.
    Check in with Harold Coates. I totally disagree with what you’re doing & I’ve served in many different capacities of the Republican Party LFRW, PEC & SCC. I have never seen, or heard, of such a vicious attack on another Republican except when Gorman sent out negative E-mails against Dr. Fleming during the Congressional race.

  2. This was posted over a week ago, so no I was not attacking him after the election.
    But the fact of the matter is that he doesn’t get a free pass just because he is a Republican. He lied to the PEC about knowing Ballangee and about Ballangee’s involvement in his campaign.
    I will not be supporting Michael Corbin in the runoff. Phillip Tempelton is 10x more CONSERVATIVE than Corbin. Principles should always come before party. I’m sorry if you don’t agree.

  3. If Tempelton is 10X’s more conservative than Corbin….why isn’t he a registered Republican?

    No, I don’t agree with the attacks you’re making against another Republican, regardless of when you make them, & whomever is giving you advice should be ashamed.

    I will NOT say anything else except that I am disappointed in you.

  4. I don’t think that an R behind someone’s name makes them a true conservative, and the belief that it does is what has really hurt the Republican party’s image and credibility over the past few election cycles. We have to be careful not to elect RINOs, and we have to avoid being blinded by the R next to a person’s name.
    This is just my opinion, but if the party wants to be stronger and grow more influential- then we need to focus more on what each candidate stands for, and not focus so much on the party registration of the candidate.
    I am not going to get personally involved in this race, but I am also not going to lie when people ask me who I support.
    I am sorry if you do not agree with me, but I am going to vote for the person I truly believe will do the right thing for Shreveport.
    Having been to every forum, having been aware of the needs of District D, having listened to both of these men- I feel that I have a better insight into who would be best councilman than anyone else who might have an opinion on the matter.

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