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Cedric Glover Involved With Drug Use?


Cedric Glover Involved With Drug Use?

Dannye Malone was in a divorce lawsuit with his ex-wife.

During this proceeding a number of interrogatories were submitted to Dannye Malone from his ex-wife’s legal council that required him to give a yes or no answer to his usage or marijuana in their matrimonial domicile with Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Administrative Officer Dale Sibley.

The answers have been sealed.

On the 2nd page, Interrogatory numbers 29, (C), (D), and (E) are questions asked and the names of Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Administrative Officer Dale Sibley are mentioned as participants of the consumption, ingestion, and/or smoking of marijuana in the matrimonial domicile (home) of Dannye Malone and Montina Malone. It also alleges that Dale Sibley, Chief Administrative Officer went to Dannye Malone’s house on numerous occasions to pick-up “packages” of marijuana. This implies that top city officials are directly involved in drug trafficking, which is a serious legal offense.

Just more questions Cedric Glover needs to answer. But given Glover’s track record this election, such answers will most likely never be given and he will simply resort to baseless attacks aimed at his opponent in order to distract he electorate from the issue at hand.

Here is the documentation:

Lawsuit Documentation

wow… all I can say. Would love to hear an answer, but I doubt Glover will say anything- as per usual.

Allen’s Endorsement City Council District B

Independent Deborah Allen says Sims, “Has her thumb on the heart beat of our district!”

Deborah Allen has endorsed Sheva Sims for the Shreveport City Council District B seat. Allen made the announcement during a press conference this morning at “Columbia Cafe”, a popular, Highland area restaurant.

“The easiest thing I could do is to not endorse anyone, but after researching the platforms and agendas of both candidates, I feel I must do the right thing. And the right thing is to endorse Sheva Sims,” said Allen, during the endorsement.

“I feel she is our only choice for the opportunity to have representation who sees through our eyes. The majority of her political contributions come from working class people. Sheva is the choice of the Central Trades endorsement. Sheva is a candidate who is obviously brilliant, helps others that can’t help themselves, not only advocates and represents her clients of less income, but goes the extra mile for them even when she doesn’t have to,” said Allen.

“Sheva really does put people first. She will fight to represent us all and has done just that for the last twenty years professionally and personally. A vote for her, is a vote for me, is a vote for you and everyone we know,” added Allen.

Bishop Larry Brandon and current Shreveport City Council members, Joyce Bowman and Joe Shyne also spoke during the press conference, reiterating their support for Sims.

Allen received 11 percent of the vote for the District B seat in the Oct. 2 general election; finishing third in the race. The top two contenders; including Sims, face a runoff election on Nov. 2, 2010.

District D Endorsement

First of all, I would like to thank all those who supported me and voted for me in the primary election. I appreciate all of your votes, thoughts, efforts, and prayers. This has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much about myself and about this beautiful city that I am proud to call my home.

Early in this race I promised the Republican Party leadership that I would be willing to stand up for what was right- even when no one else would. It is with this promise in mind that I make my official endorsement in the District D City Council race. It would be very easy to do what many expect of me, and endorse the Republican in the run-off, but I believe in my heart that there is a better option for the voters in District D.

I have listened to both of the remaining candidates and their ideas and beliefs throughout the campaign, and I have spoken with both of them since the primary in order to determine who would receive my support in the run-off. Today, I unreservedly give my full support to Phillip Templeton. He is the true conservative left in this race. Phillip has vast experience in public service and a proven track record of working to make Shreveport a better place.

I urge those that supported me, my fellow Republicans, and all of District D- to look past party lines and to vote for the person who truly cares about Shreveport and all her citizens. I urge you to please vote for Phillip Templeton as our next City Councilman for District D.