David Melville

I spoke with David Melville, who is running against incumbent John Fleming for Congress, tonight at the mayoral forum.

I asked him a few questions and a few of them I felt deserved to be shared.

When asked about Nancy Pelosi and whether or not he would vote for her as speaker of the house if elected, Melville would not rule out voting for her. All I could get him to commit to was voting for the most “moderate” of the choices. Somehow I don’t think Mrs. Pelosi could ever be described as “moderate.”

I also asked him about the bailouts, and while he said he didn’t agree with bailing out major corporations, he had no problem with the government lending companies money- as long as they pay it back. This seems kind of like a double answer- even if it is a loan, isn’t it still a bailout? GM was bailed out- and they paid it back. It is still unjustified government interference in the capitalistic market place.

And finally, I asked him about ObamaCare- and he said he liked the bill “AS IS” and would vote to fully fund it. He emphasized to me that his opponent wanted to repeal the whole thing, which coincidentally is exactly what I want to happen.

So while I apprecitate his willingness to answer my questions, he has only reinforced my belief that Congressman Fleming is doing a great job and will 100% get my vote in the November 2nd Election.


On a side note, early voting is now going on downtown at the Registrar of Voters. If there is the possibility that you might miss the Nov. 2nd election, please go vote now- the future of our nation, state, and city hang in the balance.

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