Graduation and What’s Next…

Hey folks, it’s me I’m back! Had to take a short break to focus on Debate Nationals and finishing up my college degree. So now its official, I am a college graduate!!! But I’m not done with school yet!

In middle school at Calvary, we had a speaker come and talk to us about being a lawyer. He joked about how people think lawyers are bad people, and how could you be a Christian and a lawyer too? But then he told us about the cases he works on: defending pro-life laws, and fighting¬†against¬†abortion; protecting Christians’ right to freedom of religion and speech; and defending family values. It was amazing, at the time I had no idea that there were people who did this for a career, and I was instantly hooked.

Since then I have floated other ideas about a career, but I always kept coming back to the idea of being a lawyer. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to argue, love to research and plan out a case, and most importantly that I love the Lord- so it just seems like a perfect match.

And then I got married… which changes perspectives. I had taken the LSAT and at one time considered applying to LSU Law in Baton Rouge. But I didn’t want to make my husband move down there and leave his job, or be far away from our families. If only there was a Law School here in town…

And then I started hearing rumors that Louisiana College was going to start a Law School, and maybe they would put it in Shreveport. And as the rumors became fact, no one could have been more pleased that the man chosen as Dean for this new school was none other than Mike Johnson, the man who had come and spoken to me as a middle school student.

So when LC’s Law School starts taking applications for their first class in October, I plan on being one of the first applications to be submitted. And with some help from God I hope to be a member of that first class.

Buttt… If God has other plans for me, I do have a back up. When I was a young girl I had a speech impediment ¬†(I sounded like Elmer Fudd) and had to go to speech therapy. And when the King’s Speech came out and I saw it, I was reminded of that struggle and decided that if law school didn’t work out, maybe I could go to LSUHCS and get a Masters Degree in Communications Disorders and help people to find their true voice.

SO yeah, thats the plan for now! I guess we will have to wait and see what God has in store for me over the next few years!