I’ve got 99 problems (with Obama) but his skin ain’t one…

I’m sick of being called a racist for not supporting a President who is fundamentally opposed to all the things I believe in. I explore this in my new article on The Hayride: http://thehayride.com/2011/08/the-change-wasnt-his-color/


2 thoughts on “I’ve got 99 problems (with Obama) but his skin ain’t one…

  1. this blog isn’t even worth the digital space it encompasses. too bad i believe in responsible free speech. glad you are not the only one out there…i just can’t believe you are some sort of second place nationwide debate winner. inarticulate rubbish you publish doesn’t even have a point to it, really, like the above post. and your personal info seems like a rough draft and nothing that has been polished. this is what colleges are producing nowadays? no wonder no one wants to hire these graduates. my spews and off the top of my head writing is better than what you have clearly edited. and i’m a college drop out.

  2. Considering you don’t capitalize anything I hardly think you are one to talk about “polish”. I don’t generally have time to edit, this is a blog, it is not professional journalism and is not intended to be. Most of the time when I write I am angry and it certainly comes through in my passionate postings, and sure sometimes I make grammatical errors, sue me. And the above post absolutely had a point, just because you do not agree with it does not make it “Rubbish”.

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