I AM THE 53%

My Dad worked nights so I could go to private school and get the best education possible.
I started working on the day it became legal for someone to hire me- my 16th birthday.
I’ve plunged toilets, cleaned up puke, and interned for free- because I believe hard work is how you achieve the American Dream, NOT government handouts.
I want a family but I realize that I cannot afford one right now, so I work hard so that one day I can.
I took out students loans, and will probably take out more- because I believe education is an important self-investment.
I have some credit card debt, but I don’t blame Wall Street or greedy corporations-I blame myself for buying too many shoes!
I don’t like the direction our country is going but instead of sitting around with a sign, I ran for office, I volunteer for candidates I believe in, and I WORK to affect change.
I AM THE 53%

2 thoughts on “I AM THE 53%

  1. I started working at the age of 11 delivering newspapers because I knew my family couldn’t afford my education. I trained very early mornings to earn and maintain a rowing scholarship and worked evenings to pay for the remaining balance not covered (although I took light duties during exam times) while maintaining a 4.0GPA.

    After graduating in the top 10% of my class and not falling into a job I worked in fast food, worked at department stores, and volunteered (though not all at the same time). I finally found and accepted a job in my field at a low end salary and within a handful of years I had worked hard enough and exceeded enough expectations to go from that low end salary to a salary comfortable enough to support my wife and shortly afterwards my child.

    Regardless of my hard work, regardless of my current success in life, I do not for one second judge those that have not had the opportunities I have had in life. I do not judge those that are unable to afford a college education, I do not judge those with a trade or college education that cannot find work.

    On the other hand I can judge HARSHLY a government elected REGARDLESS of political ideology who facilitates inappropriate allocation of my hard earned tax dollars that are expected to be directed to the greater good. I can judge harshly a government that would use tax payer funds to bail out the companies being protested. These companies who have barely any regulatory compliance. These companies that have yet to pay back their bail out moneys and instead have turned around and lined their pockets at the expense of the greater good.

    Too many people have had their minds polluted by the ridiculous ideology that capitalism is infallible. They have people so confused, so mixed up… these people who are being abused the most to placate the 1% have been beaten with patriotic rhetoric of a system that is crumbling around them for so long that they turn around and praise it!

    Your volunteer work, your candidates you believe in, your political affiliation, your belief that you will make a difference in the world. Your beliefs are lies you can’t help but hold onto. Sadly… the same is true for the beliefs of the protestors. They will change nothing. You will change nothing. Nothing will change.

  2. Fine, disagree with the bailouts. But how about you protest the people who are REALLY at fault- the people who GAVE our tax payer dollars to Wall Street!

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