Back in the Game


It’s been almost a year now, and so much has happened! Here’s a brief update on what you missed:

  • I went to Phoenix, Arizona to take part in the inaugural Alliance Defending Freedom Collegiate Academy
  • I got accepted to LSU Law
  • I moved to Baton Rouge 
  • I got to meet Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
  • I got to see some amazing LSU football games 🙂
  • I’m a member of the Student Bar Association
  • I survived my first semester of law school!

It’s been a crazy year, and I know the next few will be just as crazy. But I missed my blog, and I think it is time to resurrect it! Here is an idea of what you can expect coming up soon:

  • I’m taking Constitutional Law, so definitely some posts about that.
  • My search for an internship this summer!
  • I’m in the process of starting a pro-life group at the law school, but I’m also involved with the undergrad group on campus!
  • Picking my classes for next semester!
  • Writing my first legal brief
  • We get to do graded Oral Arguments for Legal Research and Writing, and since it’s the closest I’ve got to debate, I’m really excited about it!
  • Supreme Court cases as they move through, such as: HHS Mandate, Prop 8, Affirmative Action, and others.

In case all that didn’t clue you in, I want to bring the focus down to a more personal level. I’ll still do my best to write my heavily researched, heavily political posts, but with limited time on my hands I need a change in tone if I’m going to keep this up!

Thanks for sticking with me over the years, I’ll try my best not to disappoint with my new posts!

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