A (very) Brief Critique of Roe v Wade



This week we finally got the the one case that convinced me to go to law school in the first place: Roe v Wade.

I went up to my Con Law professor after class on Monday and explained to him that our next class would be covering an issue that I feel very strongly about, abortion. I volunteered to voice the side of life, and he agreed to allow me to defend my beliefs.

I am both overjoyed and humbled that I was given this opportunity. While it may not be for points, I could help change the mind of a fellow student, that maybe that student will argue it before the Supreme Court, or maybe they’ll be the judge overturning it, or maybe they’ll just remember my words when they or someone they love is faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

So, here is my very brief critique that I gave in class this morning at LSU Law


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