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hb388 senate Health and Welfare

BDF Attorney and HB388 drafter, Dorinda Bordlee, State Senator Elbert Guillory, and Me on the Senate Floor just before HB388 was passed

BDF Attorney and HB388 drafter, Dorinda Bordlee, State Senator Elbert Guillory, and Me on the Senate Floor just before HB388 was passed

Testimony today on HB388 in the Senate Health & Welfare Committee:

My name is Deanna, and I am here to speak in support of HB388. I am a resident of Baton Rouge, a law student at LSU, and I am here today on behalf of Law Students for Life of America- a national organization of future lawyers dedicated to protecting life.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Committee, you will hear today that these regulations are medically unnecessary, but this simply isn’t true. The proposed regulations are common sense regulations that would protect the health of women who undergo abortion procedures in Louisiana. These regulations are needed in Louisiana- and this need is evidenced by the history of violations and complaints against Louisiana’s abortion clinics.
Causeway Medical Clinic, in Metairie, has been cited for violations 14 times since 2007. These violations include failing to determine viability of the child, not monitoring patient’s vital signs during the abortion procedure, unsanitary conditions, expired medications and supplies being used, and failing to ensure parental consent for a minor’s abortion.
Bossier City Medical Clinic in Bossier City has been cited for violations 8 times since 2004, including failing to obtain a Controlled Dangerous Substances license and DEA registration, not monitoring patient’s vital signs after being given narcotics, and unsanitary conditions.
Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans has been cited for violations 12 times since 2004, including failing to report abortions as required by law, failure to ensure informed consent, missing and incorrect records, and failing to inspect equipment annually.
Hope Medical Clinic, in Shreveport, has been cited 13 times since 2004, including reusing single use equipment, allowing noncertified individuals to administer narcotics, failure to monitor patient’s vital signs after being given narcotics, failing to meet reporting requirements under the law, improper storage of narcotics, failure to maintain sterile environment, and failure to ensure informed consent.
The Delta Clinic, in Baton Rouge, has a history of botched abortions, unsanitary conditions, and has been cited for violations 18 times since 2006. Additionally, the Delta Clinic previously employed a woman by the name of Eileen O’Neill, who after leaving the Delta Clinic, surrendered her medical license due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ms. O’Neill went on to practice medicine without a license, in the Philadelphia abortion clinic of Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering innocent children who were born as a result of botched abortions, and causing the death of and countless injuries to, the women who visited his clinic.
The women of Louisiana deserve to be protected when they walk into an abortion clinic, and this regulation would do much to assure their safety.
From a legal standpoint, this regulation will not violate the standards set up by the Supreme Court. In the landmark case, Planned Parenthood v Casey, the Supreme Court noted that “not all burdens on the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy will be undue,” and acknowledged that a state’s interests in protecting unborn life, in preserving the integrity of the medical profession, preventing the coarsening of society’s moral sense, and promoting respect for human life more generally, are strong enough to warrant restrictions prior to viability, even if those regulations might make abortion more difficult or expensive to obtain. The 5th Circ. Recently upheld similar regulations in TX.
Requiring doctors to obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals would serve to protect the health and safety of Louisiana women, and since they do not violate the principles the Supreme Court follows in determining whether an abortion regulation is an “undue burden”, I ask you to support this bill.


HB 388, HB 305, and HB 1262 are the work of the amazing Bioethics Defense Fund! It’s been an honor to work with them on these important pieces of legislation! Learn more about this great pro-life group and their groundbreaking work at their website:

One thought on “Protect LA Women

  1. Thank you SO much for your testimony and work for the unborn. We have four Louisiana born grandchildren and I get to BRLA/NOLA from time to time to witness on the sidewalk. It’s incredible the horror stories of Delta and the closed facility near LSU from the other faithful witnesses on the sidewalk at Delta who have dedicated their lives, some for 20+ years. God Bless.

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