A true hero

A true hero

 I have a brother-in-law, Chadd who is in the Air Force. Though we have different opinions on many social issues, one thing we wholeheartedly agree on is the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know the media has constantly reported how terrible things are over there, and yes, war is a terrible thing- but sometimes we have no choice.

Whether you agree we should have gone or not is no longer an issue- we are there, and have been for years now. The question now is can we leave without allowing disaster to overtake Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction or not, the reality of the matter is that we freed these people from a dictator who killed thousands of his own people. Despite what the media says, we are helping these people.

Every soldier whose life is lost is a tragedy, but we must remember that this is the job they chose. Chadd has been to Iraq and Afghanistan more than once, and every time he does, our family worries, just as families all around the country do about their loved ones. But despite the danger, and the chance that he might not come back, Chadd insists that they are doing the right thing by being over there. He equated terrorism to an infected wound in a recent conversation. He told me there are two things you can do to a infection- take pain medicine to mask the symptoms, or take an antibiotic to kill the infection all together. While leaving Iraq may be a short term fix, like an infection, terrorism left to breed will only grow worse. Taking antibiotics in not the most fun thing in the world, but it will end the infection for good if you follow through. Barrack Obama wants America to take some “Advil” to deal with terrorism. John McCain would rather take care of the problem now, then to let it lie stagnant only to reemerge worse than ever in the future.

Even the costs of the war are being twisted to suit the liberal media’s anti-war sentiment. They report the massive costs, but according to Chadd, they leave out the fact that a big chunk of that money goes to help build things like hospitals and schools. it also helps rebuild areas of Iraq that were destroyed by bombings and fighting. And most importantly, it goes towards keeping the innocent people of Iraq safe and free.

Freedom, as we have in America, is the greatest gift anyone can receive, unfortunately we seem to have forgotten that not everyone has the option of freedom. Are we so selfish that we would deny others the opportunity to experience freedom based on politics?

 It saddens me when people in America complain  and complain about everything that is wrong with our country. Sure, there are somethings that could be changed, but we also take for granted all of the things that are right. We can speak out against our government, while others are being killed for this. We can practice our own religion, while others become martyrs for their faiths. We have the right to elect a leader, rather than having one forced upon us.

America is the land of opportunity, and it seems that only those who immigrate here realize how lucky Americans are. We need to remember our fellow world citizens, and the constant struggles they must face in order to do the same things we do every day without even thinking about it. I think that those people who are so dissatisfied with America, should go spend a year or two in another country, and then decide whether or not they want to live in America.

I love America, and more than anything I want to see her prosper, but I realize that we all have to make sacrifices in order for that to be possible. While you and I only sacrifice a part of our pay checks every month, thousands of service men and women make the ultimate sacrifice everyday. We should honor them, the heroes of our nation, not only by respecting them but also by not taking the freedoms they protect for granted. Take pride in being an American, and if you think there is something wrong with our country, then fix it- we have the unique ability in this country to affect change no matter how insignificant we think we are. But simply complaining will get us no where. To quote JFK :

“One person can make a difference, every person should try!”