Election Results

So this weekend was certainly interesting! Let’s look at the results:

State Legislature District 5

Lawyer Alan Seabaugh defeated political newcomer and banker Harold Turner. Things seemed to turn ugly at the end, but I think that the voters ultimately made the right choice.

Lt. Governor

Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne came out on top of a very large field, with Democrat Caroline Fayard taking the second spot on the Nov 2 ballot. Sammy Kershaw made a good showing, but surprisingly dismal returns doomed State GOP Chairman Roger Villere.

Shreveport Mayor

After a fake poll had Wooley falling fast to Caddo Commissioner David Cox- the election predictions were all up in the air. But many predicted from the start that it would be a Wooley/ Glover showdown. And thats exactly what we are going to get. Look for this one to get really hot real fast!

On another note- Parker Ward proved my prediction wrong, I said he would get 100 votes, he got 175.

Council Races


C O Simpkins will face Rose Wilson McCulloch.


Sheeva Sims, who lost by 6 votes in 2006, will face former Scary Mary staffer Jeff Everson.


Republican Oliver Jenkins blew independent Jake Toloso out of the water with 84% of the votes.


Conservative Independent Phillip Templeton came out on top and will face Michael Corbin in the run off.

Yours truly garnered 13% of the vote, and would like to thank all of her supporters very much for all their kind words, good wishes, and especially for their votes!


Sam Jenkins defeated Jerry White with 71% of the votes.

Look for things to heat up over the next month, and don’t forget about the midterm elections where Congressman Fleming and Senator Vitter will be up for reelection!


Car Lot Corbin



Campaign Finance Reports Show Corbin Backed

By Car Lot Investor

In July of 2009, the citizens of Spring Lake fought against a used car lot being placed in front of their neighborhood. They took their pleas to the Shreveport City Council, where District D Councilman Bryan Wooley stood up for them- denying the zoning request that would have allowed the used car lot to be built.

Residents may have thought that the fight against the used car lot was over, but it has recently been discovered that Michael Corbin, who is seeking to replace Councilman Wooley, is being funded by the very person behind this car lot. Through a combination of corporations and family members, property owner James Ballangee has bankrolled nearly half of Corbin’s campaign for City Council.

Corbin’s opponent, Republican Deanna Candler, had the following to say about this revelation:

“The people of District D and especially those who live in Spring Lake Subdivision, deserve to know who is paying for Michael Corbin’s campaign. When a politician owes their election to special interests, the people that they are supposed to be serving are the ones that suffer.”

Copies of Michael Corbin’s Campaign Finance Reports have been attached to can be found here. Ballangee’s connections to the various LLCs can be checked through the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Website.

If you would like more information or to schedule an interview with Deanna Candler, please call 318.564.4452 or email us at Deannacandler@gmail.com

A Vision For Shreveport, Revisited

This is a post I wrote in April 2009. This was around the time I became serious about my desire to run for City Council… I hope you like it:

I’ve been thinking lately about what Shreveport needs to make it a better place. As I get ready to graduate college, I can’t help but notice that most of my friends and classmates are planning on leaving Shreveport as soon as they can. I don’t want to leave, although I realize Shreveport has less to offer than other places. Just last night my fiancee mentioned the idea of moving to Dallas one day… I was shocked. For me, making Shreveport a place people want to stay and raise a family is important, so I began to wonder what that would take…

Obviously, Shreveport is not geared towards families- the majority of our entertainment options are bars and casinos. We need to get back to family values and promote companies that provide family atmospheres. More places for teens to go on the weekends and not get into trouble are also important. All through high school my friends and I complained that there was nothing for us to do other than go to the movies. The Boardwalk helped… but that isn’t even IN Shreveport!

We need better shopping, why should we drive 3 hours to Dallas to go to Macy’s? Can’t we just get a decent mall? And the riverfront is an adults only area on our side, we need family friendly businesses- shops, restaurants, museums, etc… Economic development is very important, for too long Shreveport has relied on casinos and bars to drive our economy.

I would also like to see Shreveport take advantage of the Stimulus Plan in a more effective way that proposed by Cedric Glover, to revitalize downtown and return it to glory. We should also use the green building incentives to reduce our carbon footprint.

With the economy the way it is, now is the perfect time to recreate Shreveport into a Family Paradise instead of (as a coffee cup at a local gas station so eloquently put it) a Gambler’s Paradise….

More Surprises!

Two more people have filed to run for Shreveport Mayor! KTBS reports that a Hersy Jones and Tim Goeders entered at the last-minute. I was at Caddo Courthouse around 4,and didn’t see them, so they were really pushing it close to the close of filing.

Goeders ran in the last mayoral election, where he garnered 114 votes according to the Secretary of State’s website.

I have never heard of Hersy Jones, so if anyone knows anything, please tell me!

So this is the final list for mayor:

Cedric Glover D

Ray Burrell D

Dana Bruhnke I

Hersy Jones I

David Cox I

Parker Ward I

Debra Lindesy I

Tim Goeders R

Bryan Wooley R

This is going to be SOME race!

As a side note, I got my own surprise in District D as unknown Phillip Templeton filed this morning. He is running as an Independent.

2010 is going to be crazy, so stay tuned 🙂


Two unknown candidates filed to run for Mayor today, bringing the total to 6!

 The newbies are: Dana Bruhnke &  Debra Lindsey.

Already announced are: Current Mayor Cedric Glover, State Representative Ray Burrell, City Councilman Brian Wooley, Student Parker Ward, and Caddo commissioner David Cox.

I couldn’t find any information on Bruhnke, but Lindsay is with the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. neither ladies had a party listed.

This should make things more interesting…


Just thought I would post some of the demographics from my district…

Registered Voters: 23,833

Democrats: 9,156

Republicans: 9,624

Other: 4,556

Males: 10,407

Females: 13,417

18-20: 780 (not very many, but more than any other District!)

21-34: 5,994

35-44: 3,948

45-54: 4,272

55-64: 3,947

65+: 4,891


More Republicans than Democrats, but pretty close

More women than men, by a decent margin

Largest age group 21-35 (which makes me happy)

More young voters than any other District (which makes me VERY happy)

All in all a diverse group, and one I would be proud to represent!