Just thought I would post some of the demographics from my district…

Registered Voters: 23,833

Democrats: 9,156

Republicans: 9,624

Other: 4,556

Males: 10,407

Females: 13,417

18-20: 780 (not very many, but more than any other District!)

21-34: 5,994

35-44: 3,948

45-54: 4,272

55-64: 3,947

65+: 4,891


More Republicans than Democrats, but pretty close

More women than men, by a decent margin

Largest age group 21-35 (which makes me happy)

More young voters than any other District (which makes me VERY happy)

All in all a diverse group, and one I would be proud to represent!

New Mayor?

Rumors are swirling that Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover will be resigning soon to take a position in President Elect Obama’s administration. I am not particularly opposed to this idea, not being a big fan of the Mayor’s to begin with. I feel that Glover has abused his power, especially when it comes to money- he bought that SUV with police money, and only returned it when it became a scandal.. and now there is the flap over travel expenses for him and his assistant Seaton. They have spent thousands more on travel this year than was budgeted, and city council members are reporting that personal items were charged to the city’s credit card.

The only problem with Glover leaving would be that, as president of the council, Joe Shyne would be the acting mayor until a special election could be held. If I dislike any council member, it would be this man. It amazes me constantly that the people of Shreveport would condescend to elect a man you was convicted of a felony- pardon or not.

Aside from this, I believe Glover’s resignation would open up an opportunity for Councilman Bryan Wooley to replace Glover as Shreveport’s Mayor. I would glady support him, now, or in the future. And if he won… well my district would need a new council representative. Mrs. Councilwoman… now there’s an idea 😉