Okay, so I got an E-Mail today from a producer at Fox News, and they want me to do a video diary at the Convention! That is going to be so awesome, now I’ll have a way to show my friends and family back home whats going on! Plus I will be able to look back on my memories for as long as I want.
Things have been crazy lately… I took summer classes so that I can graduate a year early, and I’m starting to plan my wedding, and fall semester is about to start… That’s going to add alot of other things into the mix. I’m going to be heading a new Student organization, Campus Conservatives, as well as being a big part of the College Republicans, and our Student Government Association. And on top of all of that, I am a member of our school’s nationally ranked debate team! That’s alot of stuff to do, and that isn’t even including my 19 hours of class!!
Yikes! Anyways I forgot to start supper, so I better get to it! As a reminder to myself, my next post will be about Obama and War, and the difference between John McCain & John Edwards.