CPAC 2013

I am so excited to be going to CPAC 2013 next week! It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I made it!

I’m a bit OCD, so I’ve been pouring over the agenda trying to determine what I want to go see, hear, and do the most- and all of it looks amazing! A few things that I’m really looking forward to are:

Palin, Gingrich, Perry, Jindal & Ryan’s speeches. Even if you aren’t a fan of them, you have to admit they know how to get people excited! As a former speech major, I love watching them perform- because that is what they do!!

The Faith and Family Coalition Prayer Breakfast.

AUL’s screening of “3801 Lancaster” which is a documentary about the horrific discoveries the FBI made in their 2012 raid of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic. I’m sure this movie is going to be hard to watch, but I know it’s important that it gets seen!

Mike Huckabee’s pro-life movie “The Gift of Life.”

“The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution” lecture

The Honorable Mike Lee, “The Relevance of the US Constitution Today” lecture

A panel on the Benghazi cover-up.

Fight Club 2013, which is with Paul Belaga and Tucker Carlson

A panel on engaging youth in the conservative movement, obviously something near and dear to my heart!

Occupy Unmasked- the late Andrew Brietbart’s documentary on Occupy Wall Street

Meet and Greet with Paul Ryan!!!!!!!

“Hillary: The Movie” is the movie behind the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case! As a law student, I must go!

Gingrich’s documentary about my favorite president, Ronald Reagan.

A luncheon with Santorum

A panel on Abortion and Religious Liberty led by Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the SBA List.

And there’s so much more!

I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated next week!



I am SICK of links and articles talking about how politics is why the shooting in AZ happened.


Instead of coming together and trying to prevent this type of thing from happening again; instead of using it as a catharisis for the divisions in our country; instead of reflecting on the importance of family and friends; instead of all the many things we can learn from this tragedy- so many of yall are making the  divisions our country faces even worse by politicizing this and making it about something other than INNOCENT people being gunned down by a mentally ill nut bag.

Just shut up already!

This isn’t about any of us- Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans or Democrats, this is about a 9 yr old little girl, men in the prime of their life, innocent grandparents, and a woman fighting for her life in a hospital bed.


This is about them:


nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green



Dorothy Morris



Judge John Roll



Phyllis Schneck



Dorwin Stoddard



Gabe Zimmerman



Congresswoman Giffords


Tired of the “Race Card”

I am so sick of being called a racist because I’m not blithely following the Hollywood parade to elect Barrack Obama. Just because I’m white means the only possible reason I can have for not voting Obama is because he is black? What about the fact that is is Pro- Abortion, or wants to universalize health care? Am I supposed to ignore the fact that he wants to “spread the wealth around”, and raise taxes while our economy is so troubled, because he is black? Am I supposed to forget that he wants to weaken our military during dangerous times for our country, and instead of defending us, go to the very leaders that hate us soo much, and have a chat? Is being a black person a free ticket to the Oval Office, or am I supposed to vote for someone based on how well they represent me and my personal and political beliefs?

Because Obama is black he has gotten handled with kid gloves (the only time Ican remember agreeing with Hillary Clinton), his past associations with people like Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and others of the corrupt Chicago political scene, have been ignored by the media in an effort to promote a man with no qualifications for the office of President other than the color of his skin.

People, especially those who are a minority, forget that racism goes both ways. If I am a racist for not voting for Obama because he is black, they they are racists for voting Obama because he is black too! Isn’t that the whole message of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech? That one day men would be judged solely on the content of their character, with complete disregard to the color of their skin.

I have a theory, that racism and sexism are basically the same things- both of them hinge on judgements based on physical attributes that a person is born with, and ascribe certain stereotypes to those who have those attributes. For blacks, it is common to have them depicted as ignorant, thuggish, and violent. For women, it is normally that we are stupid, only here for the pleasure of men, and incapable of doing anything on our own. History has shown the similarities of the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Suffrage- in fact, most people do not realize that black men got the right to vote and own land before white women did. Women in that age and time were just as much property of their husbands as slaves were.

So expounding on this theory, that racism and sexism are one in the same, and that if the only reason to not vote Obama is his race, then it must follow that the only reason for not voting for Hillary Clinton must be the fact that she is a woman. Obviously, given the fact that I am a woman and consider myself a feminist- I am not sexist in my decision not to vote for Hillary. On the same note though, I am not voting for the McCain/ Palin ticket because Palin is a woman either. It is great that she is a woman to be sure, but its not for that reason that I plan on voting for her and John McCain- its because she (they) stand for everything I believe in. They are Pro-Life, Pro-Family, they are fiscal conservatives, devoted to reforming both parties, and more concerned with what is beast for the people of this great nation, than popularity and praise.

It is preposterous for anyone to claim that everyone should vote for Obama because he is black, and even more preposterous to assume that if he was white with the same positions and beliefs he would have overwhelming support. Who are these accusers to tell me that race is more important when voting than the issues? Why should I be called a racist for not agreeing with Obama on ANY issue? I believe that it is just as racist to vote for someone because of their color, as it is not NOT vote for someone because of their color. If my only reason to not vote for Obama is his race, then theirs is his race as well- therefore, if you call me a racist… you are calling yourself a racist as well my friend.


Is this what not being a racist means?


A lot has been said about the VP candidates this election cycle, though I think we can all agree that more attention has  been focused on Republican Nominee Sarah Palin. New Media outlets claim this is due to the fact that McCain is… well old. They say he has a considerably higher chance of dying in office than his opponent Senator Obama does. I think this is completely false.

Face it, McCain may have age “against” him, but Obama has race against him. Now before I say this next sentence, let me give a little declaimer: I do not in any way, shape, or form, encourage actions to be taken against Obama, but I feel that it is inevitable. So now that I have stated this, I will continue! I am convinced that if Obama wins the election in November, that within the first year of his presidency, someone will at the least, attempt to assasinate him, and at the most, they will succeed.

I do not like the idea of racism, and I readily admit that there are some who are more negative and violent about it than others. I do however think that some people (cough, cough, Obama) have tried to use this to their advantage to get better treatment. After all when you insult a white person, you only have to worry about him getting offended, but when you insult a minority member, there is a chance you may be accused of insulting the entire group.

I have this feeling, that some hick from the south is going to take a shot at Obama soon after he becomes President. Not only will this have the potential to start a race war in America (after all the hick in question will most likely be white), but it will also leave us with “gaffe machine” Biden as our President by default. That to me is a much scarier thought than Governor Palin being President. Not only does he lack tact and common sense, not to mention that Sarah Palin got more votes as Governor of Alaska than Biden did in his Presidential campaign, but he is obviously a flip flopper who bends in order to capitalize on political expediency!

We all heard the soundbites of Biden saying the Obama was not ready to lead, and that he himself was not the best choice for VP. He even went so far as to say that he would not be VP under any circumstances. Yet here he stands: VP for Barrack Obama, a man he vehemently opposed becoming President only months ago. Why the sudden change? Why does he all of a sudden think Obama IS ready to lead? Quick Answer: HE DOESN’T!!! He is obviously playing the “yes man” so he can tag along with Obama to the White House. If he truly believed Obama was not the right man for the job, then he should not be supporting him now that he can get something out of the bargain! It shows you just how little Biden cares for our country- that he would support a man he does not believe would be good for our country, just so he can have the power and prestige that goes along with being the VP.

The Hollywood Effect

As evidenced by the mostly positive reaction from the stars gathered at the VMA’s last week, Barrack Obama has the Hollywood vote. But is this a good thing? On the one hand, it is quite obvious that celebrity endorsements hold a lot of sway with young voters, but on the other, Hollywood is known for cranking out troubled stars at an alarming rate. If a known alcoholic, anorexic, or druggie endorses a politician, should we feel confident in listening to them? After all stars are not famous for their intellect, but rather for their appearance.

On a secondary note, I was rather perplexed by Matt Damon’s attack on Sarah Palin. Not only did he show the Democratic elitism when he called it ridiculous that a simple hockey-mom (and GOVERNOR!!) could possibly have the chance to become President, but he also attacked her religious beliefs.

I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago.
That’s an important — I want to know that, I really do, because she’s going
have the nuclear codes. You know, I want to know if she thinks dinosaurs
here 4000 years ago… we can’t, we can’t have that.

This confused me greatly, because Obama claims to be Christian, and this is a common Christian belief. Yet I have not heard anyone mocking Obama, or Binden or McCain for that matter, for holding this belief. So why is Matt Damon blasting Palin for this?
My humble opinion is that liberals are so desperate to smear Palin that they are willing to go to any lengths to discredit her. They seem to latch on to, and spin, anything and everything they can.
In this thread, the most recent thing I have come across, is the terrifying assertion that Palin personally made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. This report alarmed me, but with a little research, it is clear that this is yet another attempt by the left to twist facts to their advantage. Upon completing my research on the matter, I had found that, yes the CITY of Wasilla, Alaska did not offer free rape kits. But Sarah Palin did not make a law regarding this, and there was no controversy over it at the time. Apparently it was a practice the city had taken part in for some time, citing a lack of funds necessary to provide this service free of charge.
The assertion that the victims had to pay is especially misleading. The Police Chief, who was directly in charge of this, said that the City charged the insurance companies of the victims, and that they usually tacked this expense onto the restitution phase of sentencing the offender. If the victim could not pay, the hospital wrote the cost off, like it does in soo many instances of other services given that cannot be paid for.
So to conclude, Palin did not charge for this, the Police billed insurance, no victim was required to pay out of pocket.

"Knocked Up" a new fad?

It’s funny to see the liberal media bashing Bristol Palin for having a child out of wedlock, when they are obsessed with teen aged celebrities having kids. Is anyone really surprised that so many teens are getting pregnant? It almost seems like the “cool” thing to do right now. Kind of a “You can be like a Hollywood star! Just get pregnant… there’s no reason to get married too.” I mean just look at the list of stars who have gotten pregnant lately… Halle Berry, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson (although she did marry him afterwards), Nicole Richie (did they get married?), Angelina Jolie has 3 kids without marriage! And the list goes on… Minnie Driver, Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend, David Spade’s “fling”, Tom Brady’s Ex, Jason Lee (My Name is Earl)’s girlfriend.
Seriously… with people like that to look up to, is it any wonder that we’re hearing about things like pregnancy pacts? I’m not saying the Bristol Palin is not responsible for her mistakes, but the media should not be surprised that teen aged girls are getting pregnant so often, when part of it has to do with them spending so much time giving pregnant celebrities coverage.
Bristol is just like any other teenager, in fact she’s just like me- we all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect 100% of the time. Only unlike me, she is in the spotlight right now because of her mother being a politician. Not every teenager makes the mistake of getting pregnant, some like me make smaller mistakes, like the occasional lie to my mother, or skipping classes, or smoking cigarettes (I don’t smoke this is just an example), but the point is that no body’s perfect.

Let he who is perfect cast the first stone!

What? No stones from the liberal media? Somehow I’m not surprised…

It just kinda hit me that two of last year’s biggest movies were about this topic- “Knocked Up” and “Juno”… Hollywood is practically telling kids to get preggers

RNC 2008

So I made it home to good ole Shreveport, LA on Friday night. I spent yesterday catching up on sleep, and today unpacking and distributing souvenirs. So now I have time for a brief overview of my impressions of the Convention.

Day One was pretty sedate, everyone was worried about the Hurricane, and we pretty much stayed glued to the news to see what was happening. It was very disconcerting to be so far away from home with all of this going on. Reports were so varied, that I half expected my home to be flooded or otherwise gone when I returned. But luckily everything was fine in Shreveport. Others were not so lucky. Many of our delegates were from South Louisiana, and were greatly affected. The McCain Campaign chartered a plane to take those who needed it home, and also to bring some of the delegate’s families back to Minneapolis. It was a very kind gesture on McCain’s behalf. That night there were no speeches, no pomp, all we did were the things necessary to officially start the convention proceedings.

Day Two started out really well, with First Lady Laura Bush, and our next First Lady Cindy McCain joining the Louisiana Delegation for breakfast. The media also joined us, and proceeded to hound us for the next few days about Gustav.

That evening, the CNN Grill gave us passes to come eat, and treated us to a free meal. They had a very kind waitstaff, and treated us with compassion. I also managed to meet Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Meagan Kelley, and Bill Hemmer.

Sean was my favorite, and by far the nicest person at the entire convention. A lot f the “celebrities” blew everyone off, but even though his handlers kept trying to whisk him away, Sean took the time to pose for tons of pictures, sign a truckload of autographs (including a pic and autograph for yours truly!), and just talk to people. He even got on the phone with my debate coach who is a HUGE fan of his.

My favorite speech of the night surprised me. It was Joe Lieberman. I had not expected to enjoy it, and am not a fan of him- but it was very good. It was very strategic as well, to have the first person to take a swipe at Obama at the convention be a Democrat. But it was very heartening to realize that a Democrat with such influence and power realizes that John McCain is the right choice.

Day Three was probably my favorite day of all! We started out by listening to a POW who had been in Hanoi with John McCain, and then headed to the Convention Center to put together Hurricane Relief Packages. The people at Target and The Red Cross put that together, and we had an amazing time. Everyone was so pumped up, cheering, singing, and just having a good time helping people out. John and Cindy McCain stopped by and helped, took pictures, shook hands, and listened to stories of people form Louisiana affected by Katrina. On our way out, it really touched me to see people from all over the nation gathered together to help my state. It meant alot, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who help with relief efforts for Gustav, it means so much to the residents of Louisiana.
That night there were soo many great speakers! Giuliani did an amazing job of firing up the crowd for Sarah Palin. And when she finally took the stage the applause was deafening! Everyone was so excited to see this woman everyone was talking about. And she didn’t disappoint! She delivered an amazing speech, put Obama in his place, and inspired a new generation of females to get into politics. For me it was a dream come true to see a strong woman candidate up on that stage, and I could not be more proud that the woman in question shares my values.
Day Four was good, part of me wanted to go home, and the other part wanted the convention to never end. I was looking forward to McCain’s speech, but I most anticipated the famed balloon drop at the end of the night! McCain did an amazing job on his speech, especially considering he is not known for his speaking abilities. With a mixture of humility and confidence he told us exactly why he wanted to be President, and the thing that struck me most was his assertion that he was old enough that it wasn’t for his future in politics, but rather it was his desire to serve a cause greater than himself that inspired him to reach this office.
Though his speech was good, I was most impressed with the video about Cindy McCain. To see all of the amazing things this woman has done during her lifetime makes me wonder what she will be able to achieve as First Lady. After all the First Lady’s job is to be an ambassador of kindness to those in need, and I have no doubt that Cindy McCain would make an amazing First Lady. From adopting two children, to going on aid missions all across the world, Cindy McCain has already led the life of a servant. Who better to serve others in our country’s name than her? It strikes me as wort mentioning that the difference between the candidates’ wives is almost as stark as between the candidates themselves. Cindy McCain has clearly done a lot of amazing things with her position of power, yet what has Michelle Obama done? Nothing comes to mind…

Well that’s my wrap up for today. I wish that each and everyone of you could have shared this experience with me. But I hope that my story will make you realize that anyone can be a part of history, all it takes is a little effort, and a passion to make a difference! God Bless!