CPAC 2013

I am so excited to be going to CPAC 2013 next week! It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I made it!

I’m a bit OCD, so I’ve been pouring over the agenda trying to determine what I want to go see, hear, and do the most- and all of it looks amazing! A few things that I’m really looking forward to are:

Palin, Gingrich, Perry, Jindal & Ryan’s speeches. Even if you aren’t a fan of them, you have to admit they know how to get people excited! As a former speech major, I love watching them perform- because that is what they do!!

The Faith and Family Coalition Prayer Breakfast.

AUL’s screening of “3801 Lancaster” which is a documentary about the horrific discoveries the FBI made in their 2012 raid of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic. I’m sure this movie is going to be hard to watch, but I know it’s important that it gets seen!

Mike Huckabee’s pro-life movie “The Gift of Life.”

“The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution” lecture

The Honorable Mike Lee, “The Relevance of the US Constitution Today” lecture

A panel on the Benghazi cover-up.

Fight Club 2013, which is with Paul Belaga and Tucker Carlson

A panel on engaging youth in the conservative movement, obviously something near and dear to my heart!

Occupy Unmasked- the late Andrew Brietbart’s documentary on Occupy Wall Street

Meet and Greet with Paul Ryan!!!!!!!

“Hillary: The Movie” is the movie behind the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case! As a law student, I must go!

Gingrich’s documentary about my favorite president, Ronald Reagan.

A luncheon with Santorum

A panel on Abortion and Religious Liberty led by Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the SBA List.

And there’s so much more!

I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated next week!

Jindal 2012?


Everyone it seems is talking about our Governor! We know he’s amazing of course, but now the rest of the nation is starting to take notice of Bobby Jindal! Rumors are already abounding of a possible Presidential run for Bobby in 2012, and I could not be more excited about the possibility! He has done soo much for Louisiana in such a short time: he passed extensive ethics reforms, completely revamped our hurricane procedures, and much, much more! But could he be ready to take his influence to the national stage? Some pundits think so, and cite his upcoming visit to New Hampshire, an early primary state, as a possible indicator of his run. With conservatives across the nation looking for a new leader to emerge, it is my humble opinion that Governor Jindal is just the man for the job. His youthfulness rivals Obama, he is a captivating speaker, and most importantly he is a Reagan conservative! Bobby is the perfect person to revamp the Republican party, and help us come back strong in 2012.

Like I said in my last post, the fight is just starting, and with a man like Jindal at the helm our nation has a fighting chance of coming back from what is sure to be a disastrous 4 years. Jindal is a true fighter and a true conservative- I wholeheartedly support the idea of him running in 4 years. Its never too early to think of the future, and the time is now to take steps to protect that future for my generation, and generations to come.