Sexul purity= Rape?

man and woman

Dianna E. Anderson at RH Reality Check, has written an article claiming that the “Purity Movement” enables rape, and even goes so far as to imply that it encourages rape within marriage.

Having grown up in the super Evangelical Southern Baptist Church, and I can say without a doubt that the author has her facts wrong. She sets up multiple straw men about what “we” are taught about purity, and then twists them into something they simply are not.

1. “her body does not belong to her, but rather to her future husband”

The author of the article fails to make a distinction between the idea of spiritual belonging, and the legalistic definition of belonging, where the woman would be  mere “property”. Based on the terms and tone used in the rest of the article, I believe she is arguing that evangelicals believe that a husband literally owns the wife’s body. This is not what we are taught at all, if someone told me my body was the literal “property” of my husband I would laugh in their face. Both sexes are taught that our bodies are a temple and that we should honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). We are taught that in a spiritual sense our bodies first belong to God, and that the use of that body within marriage is a form of worship. Married couples, through their covenant with God, belong to each other. That’s right, boys took the same pledge, and are told their body belongs to their future wife (1 Corinthians 7:4). Therefore this would counteract the author’s implication that we are being taught medieval gender roles.

2. “they take this so far as to believe that a wife’s body is not her own, that a woman cannot say no to her husband, and that it is sin to withhold sexual gratification from one’s partner”

I got married 4 years ago when I was 19, and my husband and I went through fairly intense Christian pre-martial counseling beforehand. At NO point was I ever told that my body belonged to my husband, or that I wasn’t allowed to say no, or that it was a sin to say no. And twisting the words of ONE book doesn’t mean that the purity movement as a whole teaches that.

3. “women are instructed that they must say no to sex at every turn, and if they do not they are responsible for the consequences.”

I’m not even sure what this argument is supposed to mean… I guess if we are talking about pregnancy, sure. But what is truly emphasized is BOTH sexes respecting each other, and respecting their future husband or wife, by not engaging in sexual behavior. In this day and age (rampant STDs, skyrocketing rates of unwed motherhood) abstinence is a REALLY healthy, and fiscally responsible choice.

4. “women are not equipped to fully understand what consent looks like or what a healthy sexual encounter is. When the only tool you’re given is a “no,” shame over rape or assault becomes compounded—because you don’t necessarily understand or grasp that “giving in” to coercion or “not saying no” isn’t a “yes.”

We are taught very clearly what a healthy sexual encounter looks like- one that takes place within the bounds of marriage, between two people who are committed to one another, and love each other. And how does the author reach the conclusion that women who pledge to not have sex before marriage don’t understand what rape is, exactly? She makes a huge leap and really seems to be implying that evangelical women are too stupid to know that being forced is wrong.

5. “a girl has the power to say no up until the moment she sends the wrong signals, because men are animals who can’t control themselves.”

While there is an emphasis on modesty within the purity movement, its not to “slut shame”, its a sign of respect for your own body (which is again, a temple). The idea is that everywhere you go, and everything you do is a reflection of God. When people look at you, do they see Christ? Or do they see cleavage and a miniskirt? Its not that wearing a miniskirt makes you a bad person, but it can affect you as a living testimony of God’s grace. For women. we are warned that our clothing choices can harm the men around us. Boys are taught that women are not to be treated as mere bodies- but as a sister in Christ. They are urged to not lust after women, and to be pure even in their thoughts (Job 31:1). This is hard (for women too), and as women we shouldn’t make it harder for them to be pure by dressing in a way that invites impure thoughts (1 Cor. 8:12). Likewise, men are asked to not make it harder for us to remain pure.

6. “This is the motivation behind several Protestant Christian colleges and Catholic hospitals suing the government in order not to provide birth control to their employees.”

No, the motivation is about not allowing the government to make you pay for a service that is in violation of your genuine religious beliefs. Some people believe that contraception is sinful, and that they are required by their faith to neither use it, nor provide it for others. You don’t have to agree with this belief, but our nation was founded so that we could chose to practice our own religions without interference by the government (1st amendment anyone? Congress can’t prohibit the free exercise of religion).

7. “evangelical, right-wing politicians do not believe women have a right to their own bodies, whether that control be related to purity or rape or birth control or abortion.”

I think I already addressed why the claim about a woman’s body is false in my first point. But now I’ll go further on in the argument about contraception & abortion:

  • Many evangelicals don’t have issues with contraception, that is generally more of a Catholic issue. As a non-catholic I’m not really in a position to defend their views on it never being allowed. But as far as evangelicals are concerned, some of us have an issue with forms of contraception that can change the lining of the uterus, causing an already fertilized egg (a unique human being that I’ll talk more about in a second) to not be able to implant. This ends the pregnancy. It essentially is the same as an abortion at an early stage.
  • Abortion for us is not about saying women don’t have control over their own bodies, but rather that they don’t have control over another human being’s body, namely the body of the pre-born child. From the moment of conception, a child’s body is its own, not a “part” of the mother. The child has its own unique DNA, and blood type. The child is also biologically autonomous, and directs its own development and growth- relying on the mother only for nutrients and protection. If you truly believe in bodily autonomy, you should be pro-life.
  • What “we” DO believe: That a woman has no right to violently destroy her child’s body through abortion. That she doesn’t have the right to allow a doctor to rip her vulnerable child limb from limb. That she doesn’t have the authority to allow her child to be vacuumed out of womb and killed. Not because she doesn’t have a right to her own body, but because those actions are on the body of another human being.

I understand that abstinence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to compare it to rape- to imply that it enables or encourages rape- is beyond reprehensible. Thousands of men and women chose to remain pure for their future spouse as a result of deeply held religious beliefs, and their decision should be respected.

Evolution: Lying to a Generation

So I usually stick to political issues on this blog, but I ran across an old paper today and thought I’d share it. It is from junior year of high school, so it’s not going to win any writing awards, but I think it’s a valid (though undeveloped) critique of evolution. I have no hesitation in declaring my belief in Intelligent Design, and in the Biblical God, over the god of “science” evolution and atheism has created.

On a side note, I apologize in advance for citing Wikipedia, but this was before it had been completely discredited as a source!
Sooo…. here it is:

On a recent trip to Washington D.C., a friend and I stumbled upon a book of quotations entitled something along the lines of The Stupidest Things Democrats Have Ever Said. I was enjoying the book and its many humorous quotes, until I cam across a particularly intelligent quote that someone must have mistakenly included in this compilation. “All the ills from which America suffers can be traced back to the teaching of evolution. It would be better to destroy every book ever written and save just the first three verses of Genesis.” The quote was from William Jennings Bryan, the famous prosecutor for the legendary Scopes Trial in 1925. The fact that this particular quote was included in this book, and labeled as “stupid” shows exactly the depth at which the creationism vs. evolutionism battle really wages. This battle crosses more than merely political and educational boundaries; it threatens the very foundation upon which this nation was founded. Both are accepted by faith, and cannot be scientifically proven, and neither one can survive as fact until the other one is no longer in the memory of man. It is my opinion that the theory of evolution is a shaky one at best, and can be disproved easily using Biblical knowledge and common sense.

The History of Evolution

            Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 180919 April 1882) was a British naturalist who achieved lasting but undeserved fame by convincing the scientific community of the occurrence of evolution and proposing the theory that this could be explained through natural and sexual selection.

Darwin developed an interest in natural history while studying medicine, and then theology. Darwin’s five-year voyage on the Beagle, and subsequent writings about his voyage and the varied animal life he encountered on the Galapagos Islands brought him eminence as a geologist, and fame as a popular author. His biological observations led him to study the transmutation of species and to develop his theory of natural selection in 1838 (Wikipedia).

Darwin popularized the theory of evolution when he published The Origin of Species in 1859.   In his book, Darwin proposed that all life forms on earth, including man, evolved, or came into being by a sequence of mutations caused by natural processes.

According to some theories, a “big bang” occurred.  For this to be true, then it must be as Dr. Jonathan Sarfati explained in his book Refuting Evolution, “non-living matter gave rise to life, single-celled organisms gave to rise to many-celled organisms, invertebrates gave rise to vertebrates, ape-like creatures gave rise to man, non-intelligence and amoral matter gave rise to intelligence and morality, and man’s yearning gave rise to religions” (47).

An incredulous thought at the least, the proposal of a big bang goes against a number of established scientific laws, including the laws of thermodynamics and the laws of conservation of matter.  So why is such a completely unbelievable theory acknowledged?  According to Professor D.M.S. Watson, “Evolution [is] a theory universally accepted not because it can be proven by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation is clearly incredible” (qtd. in Sarfati 16).

The Real Deal

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).  How much more simple than that can you get? It’s all there: God created the earth, God created the plants, God created the moon and the stars, God created the animals, and God created humans. The Bible has repeatedly been found to reveal scientific truths before humans even consider the possibility of their existence, and the Bible has in no way been contradicted by proven science, or recorded history.  The only reasoning that is keeping science from accepting the Bible is their unfaltering evolutionary preconception (Ham 8).

Evolutionary Contradictions

Many scientists believe that the carbon-14 method of dating disproves the Biblical time scale of history (Creation Evidence Museum Staff).  The problem with this however, is that the ratio of C14/C12 in the atmosphere has not always been constant.  The ratio was higher before the beginning of the industrial era, when the massive amounts of fossil fuels burned, released tons of carbon dioxide that was depleted in the C14 (Ham, Sarfati and Wieland).  Other potential factors, such as the heavily debated presence of a water canopy in Biblical times, might have significantly lowered the quantity of C14 in the pre-flood world, causing fossils from that time period to test older than they truly are (CEM Staff).  The strength of the earth’s magnetic field could also alter the ratio, because it affects the amount of cosmic rays allowed through the earth’s atmosphere.  The more cosmic rays allowed the more C14 in the atmosphere.  In recent years the earth’s magnetic field has greatly weakened, causing more C14 to be the atmosphere now than in the past.  This can cause some fossils to appear older than they truly are (Ham, Sarfati and Wieland).  Even recent times the faultiness of carbon-14 dating methods have been shown, such as when the shells of living snails were dated to show that the snails had died 27,000 years ago (CME Staff).  Scientists have used carbon dating to illustrate fossils to be millions of years old, in order to prove their theory of an old, slowly evolving earth.  But in reality, C14 has a half life of 5,730 years.  According to that data, any organism over about 50,000 years old should have no detectable C14 left, thus disproving the “old, slowly evolving earth” theory, due to the fact that all organisms, living or dead currently on record contain C14 The carbon-14 theory actually supports the Biblical notion of a young earth, rather than the evolutionary viewpoint (Ham, Sarfati and Wieland).

If everything evolutionists say is true, many fossils of birds with fins, mammals with wings and fish with arms and legs, would be found on a regular basis, representing the transitional organisms in-between evolutionary stages. But have never been found, despite evolutionary supporters many attempts to manufacture counterfeit “links” out of ordinary fossils.

One example of such a “link” is the Archaeopteryx, an alleged “feathery reptile” that lived approximately 150 million years ago. But Alan Feduccia, a world authority on birds at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an evolutionist himself, disproves that claim stating that, “Paleontologists have tried to turn Archaeopteryx into an earthbound feathered dinosaur. But it is not. It is a bird, a perching bird” (qtd. in Sarfati 58).

Other than missing “links”, there is still the problem of many species that are still around, despite the fact that according to the theory of natural selection, or “survival of the fittest”, they should have died out as the evolutionary process of man progressed. If evolution was true, wouldn’t it stand to reason, that as new species evolved, the species it from, would die out due to the “survival of the fittest” rule? The newly evolved creature would seize control of the environment, forcing the older creatures into extinction. If this did not take place, then evolution would be meaningless.

Another kink in the tangled chain of evolution is spontaneous generation, or the belief that something can come from nothing. This is yet one more example of the preposterous fallacies evolutionist support. According to the laws of the conservation of matter, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Nevertheless, matter exists. But how can that be possible, save the existence of a supreme being, such as God, having brought the said matter into existence? This belief also goes against the laws of thermodynamics, which states that the natural tendency of all things is towards disorder. To put it in a bit more straightforward terminology, it means that everything in the universe is getting worse as time progresses. New matter is not being created, and the matter we have at the present is getting older by the second. This is a direct contradiction to every evolutionary theory, particularly those theories which show evolution as organisms altering themselves through mutations as times progress for the better.

The Educational Battlefield

In a poll of American voters, 55% believe that God created man just as we are now, while only 13% believe that God had nothing to do with our creation (CBS News). Yet for years, people have fought to keep evolution in schools. In his media-evangelism seminar, Dr. Kent Hovind reads an excerpt from a first grade science book that refers to evolution on earth. If we are teaching our children such fallacy at such an early and impressible age, and we then continue to reinforce it throughout their lives as fact, what other alternative do they have but to acknowledge it as such? According to CBS News, the support for evolution is much more highly concentrated among those Americans with the most education. This is  not altogether a surprising piece of information, taking into consideration that evolution is all we teach students in our current school system. It is not difficult to comprehend then, that the more education one receives, the more evolutionary ideas have a chance to reinforced.

Creationism was forced out of the classroom so that it would not impose religion on any person who did not have the inclination to believe that God created the earth and everything in it. Evolution however, is centered on the same basic thought pattern as creation, belief. As Kent Hovind puts it, “You have to believe there is no God.” So if believing there is a God makes you religious, should it not as well be considered religious to not believe in a God? After all, both stances necessitate that you believe something (Ham 21).

If we take that line of thought even further, it is not incredibly difficult to wonder why if creationism cannot be taught in our schools, for fear that it may be offensive to someone who does not believe in God, then how is it that evolutionism can still be taught, regardless of that fact that it directly offends all those who do believe in God. For this predicament to be solved, one of two things must take place.

The first option is that evolution ought to be dropped from every public school curriculum due to the fact that is of a religious and extremely offensive nature. It should be removed from all science books and teachers ought to be reprimanded for even mentioning it in their classrooms, just as they are when it comes to creation.

The second option is that teachers ought to be required to teach students both evolution and creationism together. They ought to present the arguments for each side in a clear manner, give all the evidentiary support for both sides, therefore allowing the students to arrive at their own informed conclusions pertaining to what it is they chose to accept as true about their origins.

Either one of the previous options is preferable to our existing method, which is the teaching of an unproved, inadequate, imperfect, anti-Christian theory, that today’s educators present to our young people as factual information. In fact, the same poll mentioned earlier shows results that state 65% of Americans think that creationism should be taught alongside evolutionism in our public school system, and that 37% of Americans think that creation, and only creation should be taught in schools (CBS).

On the whole, I tend agree with William Jennings Bryan in his belief that the moral foundation of America has been destroyed by the teaching of evolution. If one believes in evolution, then as a consequence, one cannot believe in God. Without God to judge man, there would be no accountability. Without accountability to God, man is free to do whatever it is he wishes whether that be thieving, murder, rape, racial discrimination, genocide, infidelity, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, or drugs (Ham 83-89). Without God, the moral fabric of society will completely unravel. Unfortunately, this unraveling has already begun thanks to teachers planting seeds of ungodliness in the hearts of impressionable first graders who will believe anything you tell them (Hovind).

In the end, if you truly believe in God, then there is only one conclusion you can possibly come to, and that is that evolution has far too many contradictions and imperfections to be taken seriously as a scientific theory, much less to be taught to children and young people as truth, and should be dismissed.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their  wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:15).

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#Stand4Life in Austin

Thursday at 5:30 am, after a 10 hour greyhound bus ride to meet Students For Life in Austin, I was unsure of what to expect from the many pro-abortion supporters I knew had gathered at the Texas state capitol.

The first day was great- the Students for Life group got to meet Rick Santorum, who encouraged us in our fight for the unborn. I definitely consider him to be one of my personal heros, so having him speak to us was amazing! We also met with Texas Representatives Bryan Hughes and Steve Toth, who welcomed us to the Capitol with open arms and lots of prayers. Later on, these two fine gentlemen would provide our group with hotel rooms just for us to shower in, after the YMCA kicked SFLA out.

After lunch, we headed down to San Antonio to meet the Planned Parenthood bus tour for a silent protest. There are pictures of some of the signs below, although several of them were simply too vulgar to post. While the people that showed up for that event weren’t as bad as the ones we would see the next day, there was still some vitriol hurled our way. But most horrifying to me was that when people read the sign the girl next to me was holding, that said “Wendy Stands With Gosnell”, they had no idea who Gosnell is.

Friday morning we arrived at the Capitol around 10 am and got to work. Some of us, like me, were passing out red “LIFE” tape; others were going around getting our fellow pro-lifers to sign the Statement of Peace, vowing to remain a peaceful presence; still others handed out snacks and water to ALL of those standing in line waiting to enter the gallery, pro-life or not.

At lunch, we walked to a park near the Capitol, where the Austin Knights of Columbus were nice enough to provide us with burgers, chips, cookies and drinks. Earlier in the week they had provided SFLA with many inflatable mattresses so that we didn’t have to sleep on the floors of the churches we were staying at.

When we returned from lunch, Representative Bob Duell provided us with blue shirts to pass out, along with water for anyone that needed it. Once back inside, things had taken a turn for the ugly- as we prayed, we were yelled at repeatedly (See videos below) and we began to hear the reports of DPS confiscating bricks and bottles of urine and feces, that pro-aborts had planned to throw at the senators after voting. At one point, a member of our group was violently shoved by the protesters as he recorded the scene in the Rotunda. We had heard other rumors about potential violence planned by the protesters, and had been warned that we might be asked to evacuate at any moment.

Keeping this in mind, a friend and I got in line for the gallery, hoping to be there when the historic vote finally went down. As we snaked through the line, things continued to get louder and louder as the majority of the pro-abortion crowd gathered in the rotunda, chanting, and strangely bouncing tampons off an orange flag. As we neared the gallery, the roar grew so loud that we could hardly hear each other talk, we later found out that this is when the group of women tried to padlock themselves to the gallery railing, one of which succeeded and had to be cut free. Shortly after this, we were informed that DPS had determined that the atmosphere was too dangerous for those wearing blue, and pro-lifers were being escorted out of the public parts of the Capitol, and into various offices. Our group gathered in Representative Hughes office, where we were locked in for our own safety and guarded by DPS officers.

As more than fifty people sat in the office, we were able to watch the live feed of the vote, and saw history in the making. When the final session started in the wee hours of Saturday morning, our group stood in a cramped office and prayed along with the Senate, while the pro-abortion advocates outside the gallery booed the same prayer. Minutes later, cheers rang out all around me and tears of joy were shed, as the final vote count was announced and the bill officially passed. A victory for the unborn had been achieved, and I was glad I had been on the right side of history. But history was not the only thing I had experienced in Austin. As I knelt in prayer in the rotunda, and was surrounded by hundreds of pro-abortion protesters angrily mocking my faith, I became convinced that I also experienced spiritual warfare. As a Christian, I felt secure that God would keep me safe, and I knew there were people all over the nation praying for our safety, but in my heart I knew fear.

I am so thankful for the Texas DPS who worked hard to ensure our safety, and to Representative Hughes for providing us a safe harbor in this storm. I am also grateful to the many people who donated food and supplies to the SFLA group, so that we could focus on supporting the bill, and saving babies!

Below I have compiled pictures and videos of the sights and sounds from this weekend. WARNING- some of the signs are very vulgar and may contain foul language. Unless otherwise noted, they are my personal photos and videos.

“Pray you’ll need it” Chant

“You Don’t Care if Women Die” Chant

CPAC 2013

I am so excited to be going to CPAC 2013 next week! It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I made it!

I’m a bit OCD, so I’ve been pouring over the agenda trying to determine what I want to go see, hear, and do the most- and all of it looks amazing! A few things that I’m really looking forward to are:

Palin, Gingrich, Perry, Jindal & Ryan’s speeches. Even if you aren’t a fan of them, you have to admit they know how to get people excited! As a former speech major, I love watching them perform- because that is what they do!!

The Faith and Family Coalition Prayer Breakfast.

AUL’s screening of “3801 Lancaster” which is a documentary about the horrific discoveries the FBI made in their 2012 raid of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic. I’m sure this movie is going to be hard to watch, but I know it’s important that it gets seen!

Mike Huckabee’s pro-life movie “The Gift of Life.”

“The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution” lecture

The Honorable Mike Lee, “The Relevance of the US Constitution Today” lecture

A panel on the Benghazi cover-up.

Fight Club 2013, which is with Paul Belaga and Tucker Carlson

A panel on engaging youth in the conservative movement, obviously something near and dear to my heart!

Occupy Unmasked- the late Andrew Brietbart’s documentary on Occupy Wall Street

Meet and Greet with Paul Ryan!!!!!!!

“Hillary: The Movie” is the movie behind the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case! As a law student, I must go!

Gingrich’s documentary about my favorite president, Ronald Reagan.

A luncheon with Santorum

A panel on Abortion and Religious Liberty led by Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the SBA List.

And there’s so much more!

I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated next week!

Giving Thanks During National Adoption Month

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought today would be a good time to spread the word throughout the One Nation Back to God movement, about something that I am extremely thankful for: adoption.

Without going too far into the details, I was born into a bad environment for children. I was the fourth child and my birth mother was only 19 when she had me. I was placed in the foster care system before my first birthday, and came to my current home, along with my older brother and sister, at the age of 2.

My parents were unable to have children for medical reasons, and had been on the list for adoption homes for some time when they were visited by the pastor of the church they had been casually attending. Before the visit was over, they had both dedicated their lives to Christ. This was no accident on God’s part… within a few weeks of their redemption, they received the call about three children who needed a loving home- and they said yes.

Not only was I able to be brought up by two Christian parents who taught me good values, but they decided to send me to a private Christian school as well. My dad worked nights so that I could go to this school, which cost them more than my college education has. For 12 years I was blessed to have the best education available in my hometown, teachers that cared about my heart AND mind, and a Christian foundation that will help sustain me for the rest of my life. Both of my parents insured this was possible with their hard work, support, and sacrifice of superficial desires.

I try to make sure that I tell my parents often, exactly how much I appreciate what they did for my siblings and myself; but I also think that it is important that you all understand exactly what a huge impact you can have on a child’s life by choosing to adopt. You have the chance to give a child a better life, and if you are pro-life it is even more important to be an active part of the solution. Mother Teresa once said “I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted, and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child, and be loved by the child.”

Currently there are over 400,000 children in the foster care system, and everyday there are 4,000 innocent lives lost to abortion. If more of us will sacrifice of ourselves by adopting children, we can not only give these 4oo,ooo children loving homes, but maybe one day we can end the abortion holocaust by proving to expectant mothers that they can truly give their child a better life through adoption.

In Matthew 25: 40 we are told that ”the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, In as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.” Surely children are the least among us, and when Jesus has commanded us to love one another, what can we do but obey? Adoption is not only a way to spread God’s love to a new generation, but it also can save innocent lives in the long run.

During this Holiday season, I ask you to look around your family gatherings and imagine the 400,000 children who have no parents to make them turkey, no parents to put presents under the tree for them, no parents to make holiday memories with, and most importantly… no parents to love them. I am more than thankful for what my parents did for me, it has changed my life. And I would encourage each and every one of you, as Christmas approaches, to consider giving a child the greatest gift you could give them- yourself.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday season.

I AM THE 53%

My Dad worked nights so I could go to private school and get the best education possible.
I started working on the day it became legal for someone to hire me- my 16th birthday.
I’ve plunged toilets, cleaned up puke, and interned for free- because I believe hard work is how you achieve the American Dream, NOT government handouts.
I want a family but I realize that I cannot afford one right now, so I work hard so that one day I can.
I took out students loans, and will probably take out more- because I believe education is an important self-investment.
I have some credit card debt, but I don’t blame Wall Street or greedy corporations-I blame myself for buying too many shoes!
I don’t like the direction our country is going but instead of sitting around with a sign, I ran for office, I volunteer for candidates I believe in, and I WORK to affect change.
I AM THE 53%

Open Message to “Occupy Wall Street”

Dear Occupy Wall Street:


Hi, my name is Deanna. I work hard and go to school. I’m paying a lot of money for school because I want to better myself. I work hard at my job because I believe the American Dream is earned, not given by the government. I take out student loans, and I understand why they need to be paid back. I went two years without health care and didn’t complain. I live within my means and do not blame any one else for any debt that I accrue. I am in the Tea Party. I do not get paid for that, I do not quit my job to participate. I do not call for violence or violate the law in my protest. I do not violate property rights. I know what I believe in:


The Sanctity Of Life

A Small Government

Low Taxes

Hard Work

I don’t expect anyone to give me things for free. I don’t think the government is my sugar daddy. I might fall in the category of “poor” but I do not blame wall street, and I know that increasing taxes on the people who create jobs in this country will NOT CREATE JOBS!

So I have some advice for you:

Go Home

Take a Shower

Go to class

Get a Job

Get off your butt

Work Hard