Confounded by Carmouche…

I am confused… is it just me or does everything that comes out of Paul Carmouche’s mouth sound like a conservative Republican? At the 4th Congressional District’s Forum last night at LSUS, Carmouche claimed to be pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling, anti-gay marriage, and other things usually associated withRepublicans. So why is he a Democrat? I have yet to hear him say a single thing that aligns withhis party of choice. And he did chose this party… but why? If most of his views agree with Republican stances, then why would he not be registered as a Republican, or at least an Independentif he felt he could not side with one party? There must be some BIG reason he chose the Democratic Party in spiteof his beliefs about the issues he is vocal about!! There has to be some defining issue that overshadowed all his agreements with the Republican party… so what is it? I had hoped to ask him after the forum, but he made a quick escape.

While I was lamenting the lost chance to ask him my question, I met a detective who had the same question as I did. He also told me that as a detective he had to work with Carmouche ( he is the Caddo District Attorney), and that he was less than impressed by him. This reminded me of a rumor I had heard regarding Carmouche’s failure to prosecute a man on DWI/ DUI charges, so I asked him about it. He confirmed that Carmouche is in the minds of many (including himself, and now myself) directly responsible for the death of 17 yr old Byrd student Amanda Laurenson. The man who killed her was drunk, and it was not his first time… he should have never been on the road  with his record, but Carmouche failed to prosecute him.

I remember hearing about this when it first happened, Amanda had been to my church a few times with friends, and I remembered her being very sweet and well liked. they had her funeral at my church/school, and for reasons I cannot remember, my class attended. I will never forget walking past her casket, and seeing what was left of a beautiful, vivacious young woman who was only a few years older than myself.

To top it all off, Carmouche didn’t even take the case himself to make up for his part in the tragedy by pursing justice for Amanda, he passed it off to an assistant DA. I also remember the anger my fiancee (who attended Byrd) expressed 3 years later when a judge sentenced the man to only a year in jail. I couldn’t believe that a judge would have the gall to look at her parents sitting in the courtroom and tell them that their daughter’s life was only worth one year in prison. yet again, Carmouche- THE DA- did not stand up and take charge, instead, assistant DA Eddie Brossette appealed the sentence, and it was later overruled. The final sentencing was 10 years, which is still too little, but more appropriate.

If nothing else convinces the voters of the 4th District, I hope that this girl’s story does- PAUL CARMOUCHE IS NOT WHAT THIS DISTRICT, STATE, OR NATION NEEDS!!!!!