The Summer of Stupidity

A year ago, President Obama and his Democratic cronies took trips all over the nation touting the “amazing” results of the stimulus bill. They called it “The Summer of Recovery” and were convinced that the worst of America’s economic woes were behind us.

Flash forward a year, to the present day and it is easy to see that a true recovery has NOT taken place. In fact, our economy has continued to decline since the passage of the massive stimulus bill.

First let’s look at employment- according to Speaker of the House Bohner, 1.5 Million jobs have been lost since the bill was signed into law in 2009. And unless you live under a rock, I think you probably know that unemployment rate is at 9.1%. And that alone is bad, but when you dig a little deeper you find out exactly HOW bad. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 15.8% of Americans are “underemployed,” meaning that  workers are being employed at less than full-time or regular jobs or at jobs inadequate with respect to their training or economic needs. This statistic is even more shocking to me than the total unemployment. These people might have ” a job” but they are not good jobs that allow them to reach their full potential or pay their bills.

According to FOX Business News, new unemployment filings have been above 400,000 (the number economist equate with a “healthy” ecnomy) for 10 straight weeks. Economists estimate that 125,000 jobs need to be added to the economy each month just in order to keep up with the population, and at least 250,000 jobs a month in order to start making a dent in the 9.1% unemplyoment rate… but in May we only added 54,000 jobs. Last year we added about 72,500 jobs a month. At that rate it would take nearly 8 years to make up all the jobs lost since the recession began.

Also, looking at the unemployed workers further reveals problems in the status quo. 6.2 Million workers have been unemployed for at least 6 months. And 1 in 3 of all unemployed Americans have been unemployed for over a year. This of course leads to other problems.

The housing market is still gasping for air, with an estimated 25% of mortgages currently underwater. New home sales are slightly up, at 560,000 but economists say that at least 1.2 Million are needed in order to consider the housing market as healthy.

One reason for some of the turmoil is likely to be the confusion and uncertainty regarding Obama Care. According to Representative Fred Upton of Michigan, the administration has published 3,500 pages of regulations related to the health care bill this year alone. With all the new regulations coming up, as well as many unanswered questions regarding the taxes and mandates in the bill- is it any wonder that businesses are reluctant to hire more workers or invest in new ventures?

Speaking of fear, the fastest rise in the price of consumer goods since 2006 happened this May, which make it unsurprising that a recent Gallup poll revealed that nearly half of all Americans think that the country is headed towards another recession. Add to this the fact that the price to feed a family of four has risen 5% since the “Summer of Recovery” and it comes as no surprise that normal, everyday people (or as Obama calls them- bumps in the road) are frightened.

What all of these statistics and figures prove is that the Obama administration is completely out of touch with reality, and that they bamboozled the voters of America into supporting a $1,160,000,000,000 (including interest) waste of time, effort, and especially of our hard earned tax dollars. How about we make them pay in 2012?

Vote 2010

Two years ago I wrote the following

So I just wanted to remind everyone that the fight for American values is not over, rather it has just begun. We can not give up hope, we must stand together stronger than ever. All that is required for evil to prosper is for good men (and women) to do nothing. So do something! Keep your voice, shares your values, stand up for what is right, no matter how hard it gets.

And you guys did NOT disappoint! Two years later and the Tea Party has blossomed, launching a new generation of conservatives into the public spotlight; Republicans will take over the House by midnight, and might take over the Senate as well! Gubernatorial races are running strong red and things are looking bright indeed for the future of our nation!

But it still isn’t over- YOU MUST GO VOTE!

Hundreds of thousands of brave men and women have died so that you could cast your ballot. So go vote, and PLEASE- vote CONSERVATIVE!!!!

Election Results

So this weekend was certainly interesting! Let’s look at the results:

State Legislature District 5

Lawyer Alan Seabaugh defeated political newcomer and banker Harold Turner. Things seemed to turn ugly at the end, but I think that the voters ultimately made the right choice.

Lt. Governor

Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne came out on top of a very large field, with Democrat Caroline Fayard taking the second spot on the Nov 2 ballot. Sammy Kershaw made a good showing, but surprisingly dismal returns doomed State GOP Chairman Roger Villere.

Shreveport Mayor

After a fake poll had Wooley falling fast to Caddo Commissioner David Cox- the election predictions were all up in the air. But many predicted from the start that it would be a Wooley/ Glover showdown. And thats exactly what we are going to get. Look for this one to get really hot real fast!

On another note- Parker Ward proved my prediction wrong, I said he would get 100 votes, he got 175.

Council Races


C O Simpkins will face Rose Wilson McCulloch.


Sheeva Sims, who lost by 6 votes in 2006, will face former Scary Mary staffer Jeff Everson.


Republican Oliver Jenkins blew independent Jake Toloso out of the water with 84% of the votes.


Conservative Independent Phillip Templeton came out on top and will face Michael Corbin in the run off.

Yours truly garnered 13% of the vote, and would like to thank all of her supporters very much for all their kind words, good wishes, and especially for their votes!


Sam Jenkins defeated Jerry White with 71% of the votes.

Look for things to heat up over the next month, and don’t forget about the midterm elections where Congressman Fleming and Senator Vitter will be up for reelection!

Dear Senator Landrieu,

I have never been more ashamed to be a citizen of Louisiana as I am today. Why you ask? Because YOU are my representative. Today you voted to keep taxpayer funded abortions in the Senate Health Care Bill. Today you voted to enable the slaghter of innocent children- and you made me responsible for paying.

You have put the blood of innocents not only on your hands, but now on mine as well. When I go to my job, I now have to deal with the fact that my hard work will be responsible for paying the “doctor” that will rip a baby from his mother’s womb.

This year you have ignored many things:

Thousands of calls to your offices demanding a town hall in North LA.

Thousands of letters and emails beggin you to listen to the people of Louisiana by voting against Health Care.

Thousands of people protesting against your party’s socialist agenda

But Mary, how long can you ignore the 45 million tiny voices? The voices of the innocent who have been killed since Roe v. Wade? The voices crying out for justice? The voices crying out to LIVE?

Ignore my calls all you want, ignore my signs outside your office window, ignore my letters and e-mails, but DO NOT IGNORE the innocent children you so casually sentenced to death with the word “Yes”!

Your campaign for re-election will be paid for with the broken, lifeless bodies you sacrificed to make Harry Reid happy. You have sacrificed THEM for your fleeting glory, and it sickens me.

I have never supported you, and I never will- but today I am more than just angry… I am disgusted, heartbroken, grieving, and done. Done with letting people like YOU pretend to stand for real women. Let me tell you something, Senator, real women are not in support of killing innocent children; they recognize the awesome blessing of having children, they glorify in the beautiful process of preganancy, and if nothing else, they realize that their child deserves LIFE.

Today you have made every citizen of Louisiana your partner in the MURDER of innocents, I hope it was worth it…




(202) 224-6472 Jay Rockafeller

 (202) 224-5344 Olympia Snowe

 (202) 224-5244 Ron Wyden

(202) 224-2651 Max Baucus

202-224-2934 John Cornyn

(202) 224-3424 Mike Enzi

(202) 224-5251 Orrin Hatch

202.224.4343 Jim Bunning

(202) 224-5521 Jeff Bingaman

(202) 224-2043 Kent Conrad

202-224-6542 Chuck Schumer

(202) 224-4822 Debbie Stabenow

202.224.4744 Robert Menendez

(202) 224-3744 Chuck Grassley

202-224-4843 Blanche Lincoln

(202) 224-2742 John Kerry



Here Come The Czars

Deanna Candler

Deanna Candler

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Sarah Palin wasn’t kidding when she said she could see Russia from her house. You can too. Just turn on the news and listen to the talking heads chatter about the “czars.”

Historically, the “czar” was the supreme ruler of Russia. The word was derived from the Latin term “Caesar.” The literal translation is “one with great power or authority.”

In American politics the term has come to represent a high ranking presidential appointee who does not always have to face Senate confirmation. Despite this, they still have an important impact on White House policy.

Reagan started this trend with the “Drug Czar,” and since then it has ballooned under Obama to consist somewhere between 24- 34 czars. Everything has a czar, from the “AIDs Czar” to the “WMD Czar.”

Since many of these czars do not have to be confirmed by the Senate, several radical left-wingers have made it onto the government payroll.

Take “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, who is a self-avowed Communist with ties to the Weather Underground, a known domestic terrorism organization. Jones also signed a petition calling for investigations into government involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks. After FOX News commentator Glenn Beck brought his past to light, Jones resigned.

“Science Czar” John Holdren coauthored a textbook that suggested compulsory abortion would be permissible under the United States Constitution. Holdren also has lobbied for global taxes on green house gasses, including human emitted carbon dioxide.

And what about “Regulation Czar” Cass Sunstien, who has called for animals to be allowed the right to sue humans? Hunting is a way of life in the South, but not if Sunstien has his way. He has called for an end to all hunting. He also said in a 1993 book that the government should pay for abortions, even though many taxpayers have moral problems with the practice.

Finally, we get to the “Federal Communications Commission Diversity Czar” Mark Lloyd. Aside from praising dictator Hugo Chavez, Lloyd supported government run news and regulations and taxes on private companies that would help fund their competition, for “fairness” of course. He has also stated that white radio executives should be forced to step down in favor of minorities, such as “blacks and gays.”

So have the czars gone too far? Are these the people who you want making policies that will govern your news, jobs, textbooks and life in general?

These radical liberals should be ridiculed for their ignorance of the Constitution, not offered powerful government positions with little or no oversight.

The Russians had 18 Czars over 300 years. We’ve had more czars than that in the past nine months, but history repeats itself.

A revolution freed the Russian citizens from tyranny.

I only hope we don’t have to wait 300 years. 2010 sounds good to me.

Practice What You Preach

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

 This is the attitude Congress has taken in regards to the current health care issue. They want you to be forced to enroll but want to keep their cushy Federal benefits intact. But our very own Louisiana Representative John Fleming, M.D., has introduced a resolution that would require Congress to practice what they preach.

House Resolution 615 would require congressmen and women who vote for the health care bill to enroll in the government option if it passes. Representative Fleming’s website says, “If Members of Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that Americans see them lead the way. Public servants should always be accountable and responsible for what they are advocating…any plan that is good enough for American families is good enough for every member of Congress.”

So far more than 90 Representatives have officially signed on to support this resolution, along with 1.1 million citizens who have signed the online petition on Fleming’s website. But unsurprisingly, not a single Democrat has pledged their support.

This begs the question: If the health care “reform” they are pushing for is so great, then why do they not want it for themselves? It makes me think of the new Burger King commercials with Tony Stewart. Why would you endorse something that you have no intention of using?

Fleming’s resolution is a great way to hold Congress accountable for the reform they pass. I personally have signed the petition and am proud that my Congressman was the one to propose this. Louisiana politics has long been a joke, but Representative Fleming’s actions give me hope for the future of our state and our nation.