Testimony on HB 388 before the LA House Health & Welfare Committee

Deanna Candler & HB388 Sponsor Rep. Katrina Jackson before the House Health & Welfare Committee

Deanna Candler & HB388 Sponsor Rep. Katrina Jackson before the House Health & Welfare Committee

My name is Deanna Candler, I am a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a law student at LSU, and am representing Law Students for Life of America. I am here today to support the proposed regulations in HB 388.

Ladies and gentleman of the committee, you will hear today that these regulations are medically unnecessary, but this simply isn’t true. The proposed regulations are common sense regulations that would protect the health of women who undergo procedures in these clinics.

These regulations are needed in Louisiana- this need is evidenced by the history of violations and complaints against Baton Rouge’s own abortion facility, the Delta Clinic. The Delta Clinic has a history of botched abortions, unsanitary conditions, multiple violations, as well as of protecting rapists, going back to 1974, and continuing to the present day. Additionally, the Delta Clinic previously employed a woman by the name of Eileen O’Neill, who after leaving the Delta Clinic, surrendered her medical license due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ms. O’Neill  went on to practice medicine without a license, in the Philadelphia abortion clinic of Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering innocent children who were born as a result of botched abortions, and causing the death of and  countless injuries to, the women who visited his clinic.

The women of Louisiana deserve to be protected when they walk into an abortion clinic, and this regulation would do much to assure their safety.

From a legal standpoint, this regulation will not violate the standards set up by the Supreme Court. In the landmark case, Planned Parenthood v Casey, the Supreme Court noted that “not all burdens on the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy will be undue,” and acknowledged that a state’s interests in protecting unborn life,  in preserving the integrity of the medical profession, preventing the coarsening of society’s moral sense, and promoting respect for human life more generally, are strong enough to warrant restrictions prior to viability, even if those regulations might make abortion more difficult or expensive to obtain.

Justice Kennedy also pointed out in the 2007 case Gonzales v. Carhart, that “Medical uncertainty does not foreclose the exercise of legislative power in the abortion context any more than it does in other contexts,’ stating that State legislatures are empowered to make their own determinations of what regulations and restrictions are medically necessary.

Under these principles, the Supreme Court has upheld many abortion restrictions and regulations, including informed consent requirements, waiting periods, parental consent for minors, reporting requirements for clinics, funding restrictions, and even a total ban on partial birth abortion.

Requiring doctors to obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals would serve to protect the health and safety of Louisiana women, and since they do not violate the principles the Supreme Court follows in determining whether an abortion regulation is an “undue burden”, I ask you to support this bill.



HB 388, HB 305, and HB 1262 are the work of the amazing Bioethics Defense Fund! It’s been an honor to work with them on these important pieces of legislation! Learn more about this great pro-life group and their groundbreaking work at their website: http://www.bdfund.org/


I AM THE 53%

My Dad worked nights so I could go to private school and get the best education possible.
I started working on the day it became legal for someone to hire me- my 16th birthday.
I’ve plunged toilets, cleaned up puke, and interned for free- because I believe hard work is how you achieve the American Dream, NOT government handouts.
I want a family but I realize that I cannot afford one right now, so I work hard so that one day I can.
I took out students loans, and will probably take out more- because I believe education is an important self-investment.
I have some credit card debt, but I don’t blame Wall Street or greedy corporations-I blame myself for buying too many shoes!
I don’t like the direction our country is going but instead of sitting around with a sign, I ran for office, I volunteer for candidates I believe in, and I WORK to affect change.
I AM THE 53%

What is in a name?

I’ve been asking myself this over the past few weeks as I’ve enjoyed a barrage of opinions regarding my endorsement of Conservative Independent Phillip Templeton over Republican Michael Corbin.

There have been many who have applauded my choice, thanking me for standing up for my convictions and making a difficult choice.

There have been a few who explain my folly away as a transgression of youth.

And there have been a handful who have been rude and intolerant of anything but their own opinion on the matter.

I have been the recipient of some nasty e-mails, comments, and letters.

I have been kicked out of the Professional Women’s Republican Club.

My picture has been removed from the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women’s Website.

I have been blatantly ignored by those I thought were my friends.

And you know what?

I don’t regret it.

I made a choice, an informed, well thought out choice. I chose to do the right thing over the easy thing. I chose to follow my conscience instead of the crowd.

But I wonder…

What has made the people who antagonize me over this choice forget that Republican is just a name? That it is a person’s convictions, policies,  and actions that make them a Conservative, not the letter (or lack thereof) behind their name on the ballot?

Its like they forgot about the RINOs who got us into the mess of having a Democratic Congress.

There is a reason the TEA Party and other movements have threatened to break up the Republican Party- its because we keep forgetting that being a REAL conservative is more important than being registered a certain way! Its because Republicans get elected and immediately forget to vote like they are Republicans! Until we decide to be CONSERVATIVES before Republicans, there is no hope for our nation.

I’ve often scoffed at people who say that they didn’t leave the Republican Party, but that the Republican Party left them behind- but I am finally starting to understand what they meant.


Higher Education

According to The Advocate, the head of the LSU system makes around $600,000 a year. Not only is that more than 5x what Governor Jindal makes, but its even more than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES makes per year!

With all the budget cuts going on, why are these fat cat university presidents allowing the youth of Louisiana to carry the burden of increased costs? The first things to change under these situations should be the salaries of these guys, NOT tuition! How selfish do they have to be to keep their cushy checks when all over the state students are struggling to make ends meet, and are taking out loans so they can get an education? they should be ashamed of themselves.

I call on each and every one of the university heads, including Chancellor Marsala of LSUS, to cut their own salaried before anything else!

Jack Weiss Executive Staff Member LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $308,275
Eli Jones Director Academic Affair LSU $299,999
Roxane Townsend Assistant Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $285,000
Nicolas Bazan Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $277,497
P Raymond Lamonica General Services Off LSU-Board of Supervisors $274,059
Elizabeth Fontham Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $273,936
Steve Nelson Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $272,500
Joe May President Louisiana Commission/Tech College BdSup-NP $271,800
Ronald Smith Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $266,683
William Richardson Executive Staff Member LSU-Agriculture Center $261,882
Mohammad Cheema Adjunct Faculty Northwestern State University $260,000
Astrid Merget Executive Staff Member LSU $260,000
H Edward Seidel Director Academic Affair LSU $255,050
Wayne Wilbright Executive Staff Member LSU/Health Care Services Division $254,800
Arthur Haas Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $254,754
James Cofer President University of Louisiana-Monroe $252,886
Kevin Smith Professor LSU $252,654
William Cefalu Executive Staff Member LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $252,037
Steven Smith Professor LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $252,000
Harold White Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center Shreveport $251,411
Charles Wilson Assistant To Director LSU $250,983
Joseph Moerschbaecher Iii Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $250,591
Henry Gremillion Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $250,000
Eric Hovland Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $245,957
Patricia Molina Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $245,000
Timothy Ryan Executive Staff Member University of New Orleans $244,062
Charles Sanders Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $241,409
Rudolf Hirschheim Professor LSU $240,057
Lee Bairnsfather Assistant Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $240,000
Isiah Warner Executive Staff Member LSU $239,068
Michael Khonsari Director Academic Affair LSU $235,651
Peter Haynes Director Academic Affair LSU $235,560
Carolyn Hargrave Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $235,472
Carolina Cruz-neira Professor University of Louisiana-Lafayette $235,400
John Costonis Professor LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $234,866
Keith Schroth Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $234,705
Brian Voss Executive Staff Member LSU $233,999
Janis Letourneau Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $232,552
Brooks Keel Executive Staff Member LSU $231,535
Samuel Mcclugage Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $228,469
Augusto Ochoa Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $227,981
John Crain President Southeastern Louisiana University $227,945
Weihong Pan Professor LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $226,590
John Hamilton Director Academic Affair LSU $225,87
Michael Gargano Jr Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $225,000
Joe King Executive Staff Member University of New Orleans $225,000
Larry Porter Assistant Head Coach LSU $225,000
Thomas Nolan Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $224,700
Jack Winters Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $224,700
Fredrick Barton Professor University of New Orleans $224,065
Cheney Joseph Jr Executive Staff Member LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $223,497
George Voyiadjis Professor LSU $220,759
Leonard Bok Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $220,500

This is just a sampling of the salaries of LSU System employees… search them all at http://blog.nola.com/graphics/2008/02/salary_details.html?appSession=422184851566388&RecordID=&PageID=2&PrevPageID=&cpipage=4&CPISortType=&CPIorderBy=

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Bryan Wooley for Mayor Campaign!

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Cedric Glover Involved With Drug Use?


Cedric Glover Involved With Drug Use?

Dannye Malone was in a divorce lawsuit with his ex-wife.

During this proceeding a number of interrogatories were submitted to Dannye Malone from his ex-wife’s legal council that required him to give a yes or no answer to his usage or marijuana in their matrimonial domicile with Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Administrative Officer Dale Sibley.

The answers have been sealed.

On the 2nd page, Interrogatory numbers 29, (C), (D), and (E) are questions asked and the names of Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Administrative Officer Dale Sibley are mentioned as participants of the consumption, ingestion, and/or smoking of marijuana in the matrimonial domicile (home) of Dannye Malone and Montina Malone. It also alleges that Dale Sibley, Chief Administrative Officer went to Dannye Malone’s house on numerous occasions to pick-up “packages” of marijuana. This implies that top city officials are directly involved in drug trafficking, which is a serious legal offense.

Just more questions Cedric Glover needs to answer. But given Glover’s track record this election, such answers will most likely never be given and he will simply resort to baseless attacks aimed at his opponent in order to distract he electorate from the issue at hand.

Here is the documentation:

Lawsuit Documentation

wow… all I can say. Would love to hear an answer, but I doubt Glover will say anything- as per usual.

Allen’s Endorsement City Council District B

Independent Deborah Allen says Sims, “Has her thumb on the heart beat of our district!”

Deborah Allen has endorsed Sheva Sims for the Shreveport City Council District B seat. Allen made the announcement during a press conference this morning at “Columbia Cafe”, a popular, Highland area restaurant.

“The easiest thing I could do is to not endorse anyone, but after researching the platforms and agendas of both candidates, I feel I must do the right thing. And the right thing is to endorse Sheva Sims,” said Allen, during the endorsement.

“I feel she is our only choice for the opportunity to have representation who sees through our eyes. The majority of her political contributions come from working class people. Sheva is the choice of the Central Trades endorsement. Sheva is a candidate who is obviously brilliant, helps others that can’t help themselves, not only advocates and represents her clients of less income, but goes the extra mile for them even when she doesn’t have to,” said Allen.

“Sheva really does put people first. She will fight to represent us all and has done just that for the last twenty years professionally and personally. A vote for her, is a vote for me, is a vote for you and everyone we know,” added Allen.

Bishop Larry Brandon and current Shreveport City Council members, Joyce Bowman and Joe Shyne also spoke during the press conference, reiterating their support for Sims.

Allen received 11 percent of the vote for the District B seat in the Oct. 2 general election; finishing third in the race. The top two contenders; including Sims, face a runoff election on Nov. 2, 2010.