#Stand4Life in Austin

Thursday at 5:30 am, after a 10 hour greyhound bus ride to meet Students For Life in Austin, I was unsure of what to expect from the many pro-abortion supporters I knew had gathered at the Texas state capitol.

The first day was great- the Students for Life group got to meet Rick Santorum, who encouraged us in our fight for the unborn. I definitely consider him to be one of my personal heros, so having him speak to us was amazing! We also met with Texas Representatives Bryan Hughes and Steve Toth, who welcomed us to the Capitol with open arms and lots of prayers. Later on, these two fine gentlemen would provide our group with hotel rooms just for us to shower in, after the YMCA kicked SFLA out.

After lunch, we headed down to San Antonio to meet the Planned Parenthood bus tour for a silent protest. There are pictures of some of the signs below, although several of them were simply too vulgar to post. While the people that showed up for that event weren’t as bad as the ones we would see the next day, there was still some vitriol hurled our way. But most horrifying to me was that when people read the sign the girl next to me was holding, that said “Wendy Stands With Gosnell”, they had no idea who Gosnell is.

Friday morning we arrived at the Capitol around 10 am and got to work. Some of us, like me, were passing out red “LIFE” tape; others were going around getting our fellow pro-lifers to sign the Statement of Peace, vowing to remain a peaceful presence; still others handed out snacks and water to ALL of those standing in line waiting to enter the gallery, pro-life or not.

At lunch, we walked to a park near the Capitol, where the Austin Knights of Columbus were nice enough to provide us with burgers, chips, cookies and drinks. Earlier in the week they had provided SFLA with many inflatable mattresses so that we didn’t have to sleep on the floors of the churches we were staying at.

When we returned from lunch, Representative Bob Duell provided us with blue shirts to pass out, along with water for anyone that needed it. Once back inside, things had taken a turn for the ugly- as we prayed, we were yelled at repeatedly (See videos below) and we began to hear the reports of DPS confiscating bricks and bottles of urine and feces, that pro-aborts had planned to throw at the senators after voting. At one point, a member of our group was violently shoved by the protesters as he recorded the scene in the Rotunda. We had heard other rumors about potential violence planned by the protesters, and had been warned that we might be asked to evacuate at any moment.

Keeping this in mind, a friend and I got in line for the gallery, hoping to be there when the historic vote finally went down. As we snaked through the line, things continued to get louder and louder as the majority of the pro-abortion crowd gathered in the rotunda, chanting, and strangely bouncing tampons off an orange flag. As we neared the gallery, the roar grew so loud that we could hardly hear each other talk, we later found out that this is when the group of women tried to padlock themselves to the gallery railing, one of which succeeded and had to be cut free. Shortly after this, we were informed that DPS had determined that the atmosphere was too dangerous for those wearing blue, and pro-lifers were being escorted out of the public parts of the Capitol, and into various offices. Our group gathered in Representative Hughes office, where we were locked in for our own safety and guarded by DPS officers.

As more than fifty people sat in the office, we were able to watch the live feed of the vote, and saw history in the making. When the final session started in the wee hours of Saturday morning, our group stood in a cramped office and prayed along with the Senate, while the pro-abortion advocates outside the gallery booed the same prayer. Minutes later, cheers rang out all around me and tears of joy were shed, as the final vote count was announced and the bill officially passed. A victory for the unborn had been achieved, and I was glad I had been on the right side of history. But history was not the only thing I had experienced in Austin. As I knelt in prayer in the rotunda, and was surrounded by hundreds of pro-abortion protesters angrily mocking my faith, I became convinced that I also experienced spiritual warfare. As a Christian, I felt secure that God would keep me safe, and I knew there were people all over the nation praying for our safety, but in my heart I knew fear.

I am so thankful for the Texas DPS who worked hard to ensure our safety, and to Representative Hughes for providing us a safe harbor in this storm. I am also grateful to the many people who donated food and supplies to the SFLA group, so that we could focus on supporting the bill, and saving babies!

Below I have compiled pictures and videos of the sights and sounds from this weekend. WARNING- some of the signs are very vulgar and may contain foul language. Unless otherwise noted, they are my personal photos and videos.

“Pray you’ll need it” Chant

“You Don’t Care if Women Die” Chant

I AM THE 53%

My Dad worked nights so I could go to private school and get the best education possible.
I started working on the day it became legal for someone to hire me- my 16th birthday.
I’ve plunged toilets, cleaned up puke, and interned for free- because I believe hard work is how you achieve the American Dream, NOT government handouts.
I want a family but I realize that I cannot afford one right now, so I work hard so that one day I can.
I took out students loans, and will probably take out more- because I believe education is an important self-investment.
I have some credit card debt, but I don’t blame Wall Street or greedy corporations-I blame myself for buying too many shoes!
I don’t like the direction our country is going but instead of sitting around with a sign, I ran for office, I volunteer for candidates I believe in, and I WORK to affect change.
I AM THE 53%

Open Message to “Occupy Wall Street”

Dear Occupy Wall Street:


Hi, my name is Deanna. I work hard and go to school. I’m paying a lot of money for school because I want to better myself. I work hard at my job because I believe the American Dream is earned, not given by the government. I take out student loans, and I understand why they need to be paid back. I went two years without health care and didn’t complain. I live within my means and do not blame any one else for any debt that I accrue. I am in the Tea Party. I do not get paid for that, I do not quit my job to participate. I do not call for violence or violate the law in my protest. I do not violate property rights. I know what I believe in:


The Sanctity Of Life

A Small Government

Low Taxes

Hard Work

I don’t expect anyone to give me things for free. I don’t think the government is my sugar daddy. I might fall in the category of “poor” but I do not blame wall street, and I know that increasing taxes on the people who create jobs in this country will NOT CREATE JOBS!

So I have some advice for you:

Go Home

Take a Shower

Go to class

Get a Job

Get off your butt

Work Hard



Her name is Joanne Schiebel. In 1954, she was a young unmarried college student who discovered that she was pregnant. In the 1950s, her options were limited. She could have had an abortion – but the procedure was both dangerous and illegal. She could have gotten married, but she wasn’t ready and didn’t want to interrupt her education. Joanne opted, instead, to give birth to the baby and put it up …for adoption.And so it was that in 1955, a California couple named Paul and Clara adopted a baby boy, born out-of-wedlock, that they named Steven.This adopted baby grew into a man who changed the world. We celebrate his life and his accomplishments and wish him the best in the afterlife. The baby’s name is Steve Jobs.

If you are thankful for the life of Steve Jobs; if you are thankful for the contributions he has made to the world and your life then today…thank his mother Joanne Schiebel for choosing life.

Imagine for a moment how many Steve Jobs have been aborted. Perhaps the baby that God gave us to cure Cancer? Perhaps the baby that would have grown up and invented an alternate fuel method that would decrease or completely nullify our dependency on gas?

I saw this on Facebook and I was shocked, I had no idea that Steve Jobs was adopted. As the world mourns the life of this visionary, we must remember that he was only able to do what he did because HIS MOTHER CHOSE LIFE.
Everyday there are 4,000 innocent children lost in the name of “choice”. That’s 4,000 potential Steve Jobs, Mother Theresas, Presidents, Writers, Doctors, Teachers, Pastors, Missionaries, Scientists, and Visionaries.
As someone who was adopted, I can speak to the idea of potential with authority. I’m not done with my life yet, and I believe that I can continue to affect change. I will continue to fight against abortion until all of my innocent brothers and sisters have the chance to do the same.

What is in a name?

I’ve been asking myself this over the past few weeks as I’ve enjoyed a barrage of opinions regarding my endorsement of Conservative Independent Phillip Templeton over Republican Michael Corbin.

There have been many who have applauded my choice, thanking me for standing up for my convictions and making a difficult choice.

There have been a few who explain my folly away as a transgression of youth.

And there have been a handful who have been rude and intolerant of anything but their own opinion on the matter.

I have been the recipient of some nasty e-mails, comments, and letters.

I have been kicked out of the Professional Women’s Republican Club.

My picture has been removed from the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women’s Website.

I have been blatantly ignored by those I thought were my friends.

And you know what?

I don’t regret it.

I made a choice, an informed, well thought out choice. I chose to do the right thing over the easy thing. I chose to follow my conscience instead of the crowd.

But I wonder…

What has made the people who antagonize me over this choice forget that Republican is just a name? That it is a person’s convictions, policies,  and actions that make them a Conservative, not the letter (or lack thereof) behind their name on the ballot?

Its like they forgot about the RINOs who got us into the mess of having a Democratic Congress.

There is a reason the TEA Party and other movements have threatened to break up the Republican Party- its because we keep forgetting that being a REAL conservative is more important than being registered a certain way! Its because Republicans get elected and immediately forget to vote like they are Republicans! Until we decide to be CONSERVATIVES before Republicans, there is no hope for our nation.

I’ve often scoffed at people who say that they didn’t leave the Republican Party, but that the Republican Party left them behind- but I am finally starting to understand what they meant.


Higher Education

According to The Advocate, the head of the LSU system makes around $600,000 a year. Not only is that more than 5x what Governor Jindal makes, but its even more than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES makes per year!

With all the budget cuts going on, why are these fat cat university presidents allowing the youth of Louisiana to carry the burden of increased costs? The first things to change under these situations should be the salaries of these guys, NOT tuition! How selfish do they have to be to keep their cushy checks when all over the state students are struggling to make ends meet, and are taking out loans so they can get an education? they should be ashamed of themselves.

I call on each and every one of the university heads, including Chancellor Marsala of LSUS, to cut their own salaried before anything else!

Jack Weiss Executive Staff Member LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $308,275
Eli Jones Director Academic Affair LSU $299,999
Roxane Townsend Assistant Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $285,000
Nicolas Bazan Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $277,497
P Raymond Lamonica General Services Off LSU-Board of Supervisors $274,059
Elizabeth Fontham Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $273,936
Steve Nelson Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $272,500
Joe May President Louisiana Commission/Tech College BdSup-NP $271,800
Ronald Smith Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $266,683
William Richardson Executive Staff Member LSU-Agriculture Center $261,882
Mohammad Cheema Adjunct Faculty Northwestern State University $260,000
Astrid Merget Executive Staff Member LSU $260,000
H Edward Seidel Director Academic Affair LSU $255,050
Wayne Wilbright Executive Staff Member LSU/Health Care Services Division $254,800
Arthur Haas Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $254,754
James Cofer President University of Louisiana-Monroe $252,886
Kevin Smith Professor LSU $252,654
William Cefalu Executive Staff Member LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $252,037
Steven Smith Professor LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $252,000
Harold White Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center Shreveport $251,411
Charles Wilson Assistant To Director LSU $250,983
Joseph Moerschbaecher Iii Executive Staff Member LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $250,591
Henry Gremillion Director Academic Affair LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $250,000
Eric Hovland Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $245,957
Patricia Molina Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $245,000
Timothy Ryan Executive Staff Member University of New Orleans $244,062
Charles Sanders Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $241,409
Rudolf Hirschheim Professor LSU $240,057
Lee Bairnsfather Assistant Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $240,000
Isiah Warner Executive Staff Member LSU $239,068
Michael Khonsari Director Academic Affair LSU $235,651
Peter Haynes Director Academic Affair LSU $235,560
Carolyn Hargrave Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $235,472
Carolina Cruz-neira Professor University of Louisiana-Lafayette $235,400
John Costonis Professor LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $234,866
Keith Schroth Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $234,705
Brian Voss Executive Staff Member LSU $233,999
Janis Letourneau Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $232,552
Brooks Keel Executive Staff Member LSU $231,535
Samuel Mcclugage Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $228,469
Augusto Ochoa Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $227,981
John Crain President Southeastern Louisiana University $227,945
Weihong Pan Professor LSU-Pennington Biomedical Res $226,590
John Hamilton Director Academic Affair LSU $225,87
Michael Gargano Jr Vice President LSU-Board of Supervisors $225,000
Joe King Executive Staff Member University of New Orleans $225,000
Larry Porter Assistant Head Coach LSU $225,000
Thomas Nolan Academic Affairs Staff Administration LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $224,700
Jack Winters Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $224,700
Fredrick Barton Professor University of New Orleans $224,065
Cheney Joseph Jr Executive Staff Member LSU-Paul M Hebert Law Center $223,497
George Voyiadjis Professor LSU $220,759
Leonard Bok Professor LSU-Health Sciences Center New Orleans $220,500

This is just a sampling of the salaries of LSU System employees… search them all at http://blog.nola.com/graphics/2008/02/salary_details.html?appSession=422184851566388&RecordID=&PageID=2&PrevPageID=&cpipage=4&CPISortType=&CPIorderBy=

Vote 2010

Two years ago I wrote the following

So I just wanted to remind everyone that the fight for American values is not over, rather it has just begun. We can not give up hope, we must stand together stronger than ever. All that is required for evil to prosper is for good men (and women) to do nothing. So do something! Keep your voice, shares your values, stand up for what is right, no matter how hard it gets.

And you guys did NOT disappoint! Two years later and the Tea Party has blossomed, launching a new generation of conservatives into the public spotlight; Republicans will take over the House by midnight, and might take over the Senate as well! Gubernatorial races are running strong red and things are looking bright indeed for the future of our nation!

But it still isn’t over- YOU MUST GO VOTE!

Hundreds of thousands of brave men and women have died so that you could cast your ballot. So go vote, and PLEASE- vote CONSERVATIVE!!!!