Second American Revolution

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberty.”

Over the past few weeks, we have seen millions of Americans take this to heart as they attended town hall meetings en masse to give their “representatives” from Congress a piece of their minds.

Protesters dominated these meetings, demanding a return to smaller government and accusing many politicians of treading on the Constitution.

Between these contentious town hall meetings and the recent wave of nationwide tea party protests, some say we are on the verge of a second American Revolution: a revolution restoring America to what those first Revolutionaries intended it to be.

And what could be more fitting than for the second revolution to begin in much the same way as the first, through town hall meetings and a tea party?

In 1765 Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty had their first town hall meeting in Boston. Not long after this, Jefferson began organizing meetings in Virginia. Then, in 1776 the Boston Tea Party sparked the beginning of the American Revolution.

During that first revolution, our struggle was against an overseas government that was taxing us to death and allowing us no representation.

This time the government we are fighting against lies just across the Potomac River, yet they still want to pass huge bills that would raise taxes and the deficit. They refuse to represent what the people really want.

Countless Americans are tired of the government encroaching into every corner of their lives. This latest round of bills regulating everything from carbon emissions to Granny’s prescriptions is the last straw for many.

If the politicians in Washington want to remain there after next November, maybe they should start listening to their constituents rather than trying to convince them that they don’t know what is good for themselves.

The American people have spoken. Let the Second American Revolution begin!